Black Sea roro shipping: influence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the regional transport industry

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In this guest article, Informall BG cargo analytical bureau [LinkedIn] writes about the Black Sea ro-ro & ro-pax market, identifying the influence of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the regional transport industry.

A considerable part of regional Black Sea trade between countries of Ukraine, Turkey, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia was carried out via ro-ro vessels. However, Black Sea has seen its ferry services coming to a virtual standstill since the end of February 2022.

Some topics in the article:

  • Impact of the Russian-Ukrainian war on the regional ro-ro carriers
  • Ro-ro terminal development in the region
  • Ro-ro business opportunities in the Black Sea region today
  • Economic impact on the region

Color Line H1, 2022: results return to normal levels

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  • Color Line’s results are back to normal level in H1 despite the impact of the pandemic at the start of the year, high fuel prices and overall price increase
  • The result is driven by positive developments in demand, increased ticket revenues, good customer values ​​and a stable freight market.
  • Revenue NOK 2.2 billion (628,718 million same period last year)
  • Operating profit NOK 238 million (loss of -48,280 same period last year)
  • Passengers 1,405,360 (which is still 14% lower than H1 in last normal year 2019)
  • Freight units 86,348 (which is 3.3% lower than H1 in 2021)


Color Line expects an annual result at least in line with a normal year.

Click on cover below to access the report (via Oslo Stock Exchange)

Stena AB H1, 2022: improvement

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  • Consolidated Revenue SEK 23,599 (16,796) million
  • Consolidated EBITDA SEK 5,547 (2,973) million
  • Result before taxes SEK 82 (–890) million
  • Liquidity position remains strong. As of 30 of June 2022 available liquidity amounted to SEK 19.3 billion

Stena ferry operations

  • EBITDA increased compared to last year. SEK 2,062 million (1,110)
  • The result is mainly an effect of increased travel and freight volumes as well as improved travel rates compared to last year.


  • Increased EBITDA within Tanker segment due to higher rates together with increased EBITDA within RoRo segment mainly due to delivery of newbuildings in 2021: SEK 291 million (115)

Click on cover below to access the report (PDF)

Molslinjen orders two new electric ferries

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The Danish Ministry of Transport announced last week that Molslinjen had won the two tenders for the Alslinjen and Samsølinjen. The very next day, contracts were signed for the construction of two new electric ferries with Cemre Shipyard in Turkey.

Alslinjen’s ferry is to be put into operation by September 2024, while Samsølinjen’s ferry is to have its first trip in January 2025.

DFDS receives BBB- investment grade credit rating from scope

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DFDS A/S has received a first-time issuer rating of BBB- with stable outlook from Scope Ratings GmbH (Scope). DFDS A/S’ senior unsecured debt was also rated BBB- in line with the issuer rating.

The rating corresponds to an investment grade credit rating. It has been obtained to support and enhance access to capital markets as well as to optimise the financing cost on future bond issuances.

Nordea advised DFDS A/S as Sole Rating Advisor in the credit rating process.

Hansa Destinations marks one-year anniversary

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Exactly one year ago (30 August 2021), Gotlandsbolaget’s Hansa Destinations launched its new 18-hour ferry service between Nynäshamn and Rostock.

In May 2022, the service was expanded with daily departures. Interest among passengers has so far exceeded expectations, although the switch of freight traffic from road to sea has been slower than Gotlandsbolaget had hoped.

Corsica Linea’s new LNG-powered ferry left Cantiere Navale Visentini

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Corsica Linea announced that its first LNG-powered ro-pax newbuilding named A GALEOTTA has been transferred from the Visentini shipyard in Porto Viro to the dry dock in the port of Trieste. After some final works the new ship will start the sea trials before the final delivery scheduled later this year.

The vessel will have the capacity to accommodate 650 passengers and 2,560 lane meters of freight. Also, the ship will be able to carry 150 cars on a separate deck.

Corsica Linea’s ferries provide year-round services from Marseille, the main trading port in France to the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

Dutch firm Titan will bunker Corsica Linea’s first LNG-powered ropax in Marseille, as part of a deal revealed in January this year. Titan will first provide truck-to-ship operations until its 4,500m3 LNG bunkering vessel KRIOS arrives.

The ferry connection between Greece and Cyprus is popular

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The passenger traffic on the Greece-Cyprus ferry connection proved to be higher than expected. The line, that is currently served by the Japanese-built ferry DALEELA (1991) is seasonal and the demand from both countries is more than encouraging.

According to the Scandro Holding’s executives, more than 6,000 passengers and 2,000 vehicles and motorcycles have been transported until August 24.

By the end of the season it is estimated that an extra 3,000 passengers and 1,000 cars will be added to the total traffic.

The line will close on September 16, until the next summer season. It is subsidized annually with EUR 5.475 million, with a three-year contract and a possible extension for another three years.

Greece will probably break records in terms of tourism revenue this summer

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In its weekly economic developments report, Alpha Bank highlighted that Greece’s tourism revenue this year is expected to reach 20 billion euros, significantly exceeding the amount generated by tourism in 2019 (18.2 billion euros).

“2022 will probably emerge, according to the data available so far, as a new record year for Greek tourism,” the bank’s analysts said.


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On Monday August 29, a fire broke out in a reefer truck on the garage deck 4 of STENA SCANDICA. She was en route from Port of Norvik in Sweden to Port of Ventspils in Latvia, carrying 241 passengers and 58 crew.

The fire was soon extinguished by the crew, but an engine blackout in rough seas initiated an evacuation of the passengers on the ropax. In the evening one engine could be restarted. 25 passengers had already been evacuated, the others could remain on boar.

The vessel continued the journey towards Nynäshamn on its own power, in the company of tugboats and vessels from the Coast Guard. It arrived on Tuesday August30, 11:00, in Nynäshamn.