Color Line H1, 2022: results return to normal levels

By 1 September 20222022 Newsletter week 35
September 1, 2022
  • Color Line’s results are back to normal level in H1 despite the impact of the pandemic at the start of the year, high fuel prices and overall price increase
  • The result is driven by positive developments in demand, increased ticket revenues, good customer values ​​and a stable freight market.
  • Revenue NOK 2.2 billion (628,718 million same period last year)
  • Operating profit NOK 238 million (loss of -48,280 same period last year)
  • Passengers 1,405,360 (which is still 14% lower than H1 in last normal year 2019)
  • Freight units 86,348 (which is 3.3% lower than H1 in 2021)


Color Line expects an annual result at least in line with a normal year.

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