By 1 September 20222022 Newsletter week 35
September 1, 2022

On Monday August 29, a fire broke out in a reefer truck on the garage deck 4 of STENA SCANDICA. She was en route from Port of Norvik in Sweden to Port of Ventspils in Latvia, carrying 241 passengers and 58 crew.

The fire was soon extinguished by the crew, but an engine blackout in rough seas initiated an evacuation of the passengers on the ropax. In the evening one engine could be restarted. 25 passengers had already been evacuated, the others could remain on boar.

The vessel continued the journey towards Nynäshamn on its own power, in the company of tugboats and vessels from the Coast Guard. It arrived on Tuesday August30, 11:00, in Nynäshamn.