Government’s Master Plan For “Monster” Port Infrastructure In Rafina

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The Regional Council of Attica was held up yesterday in order to approve the Rafina Port’s “Development Plan and Master Plan”.

According to the study, there are planned four main uses for Rafina Port, with equal four Port Authority Departments: The Port Authority for the Coastal Lines (Conventional and High Speed Crafts), the Port Authority of Small Boats, of Fishing Grounds and for the Seaplanes.

According to the master plan the port of Rafina will be expanded in order to facilitate 15 ferries, while the “vision” for its future exceeds all expectations:

The port of Rafina is the second largest in passenger traffic among the 16 Greek ports of international interest and participates substantially in the wider Attica port system, with the prospect of becoming the first passenger traffic in Attica in the coming years.

Of course, the construction of such a giant port will also require the construction of infrastructure that include terminals, two- and three-storey parking spaces, car waiting areas, lorries and bicycles, a convention center for 300 people, service facilities, parking facilities , café-restaurants and shops.

For all that infrastructure it is required a total surface area of ​​25,400 m2. People of Rafina protest strongly, claiming that the entire city’s sea front will be occupied by port facilities resulting in a traditional seaside town being cut off from the sea!

Also, they claim that the environmental burden (air pollution and noise pollution) from the simultaneous docking of 15 ships, 5 seaplanes as well as the passage of hundreds of thousands of trucks, will be unbearable.

Shipping Agents In Sardinia Suggest Ro-Pax Traffic Relocation In The Port Of Cagliari

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The regional ship agents’ association in Sardinia calls for a relocation of the ferry and ro-ro traffic in Cagliari, from the old harbour in the city center to the so called ‘Porto Canale’ where the local container terminal managed by Contship Italia is set to be shut down soon.

The Cagliari International Container Terminal had a yard area of 400,000 m2 and 1,520 metres of linear quays.

According to the local ship agents’ association, “a broader reorganization of the port spaces is needed. Our idea would be to move from the old port all the activities related to ro-ro and ro-pax traffics thus leaving Rinascita and Sabaudo quays to the cruise traffic and yachts”.

As of today, the only ferry company calling at the port of Cagliari is Tirrenia, while Grendi Trasporti Marittimi offers a maritime ro-ro link to and from Marina di Carrara, and Grimaldi Group to and from Civitavecchia.


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Golden Stars Shine Together

SUPERFERRY 2 and SUPERFERRY of Golden Star Ferries arrive at Paros. The vessels operate a daily sailing Rafina – Andros – Tinos – Mykonos – Paros – Heraklion. Each day one vessel sails in each direction and both vessels meet in Paros.