Color Line improves the energy efficiency of its vessels with Elogrid

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Color Line has ordered the Elogrid solution from Elomatic for two of its passenger car ferries to improve their energy efficiency. The Elogrid grid design for thruster openings reduces the additional resistance of vessels. This reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Elogrid also enhances the performance of thruster tunnels, which leads to better maneuverability.

Color Line 2021: on the way out of the pandemic

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2021, another demanding year for Color Line, primarily due to major operational challenges as a result of government-imposed restrictions in connection with the pandemic.

Operating revenues were NOK 2.6 billion in 2021, which was in line with 2020 and significantly below NOK 5.3 billion in the last normal year 2019.

Operating profit increased to NOK 211 million in 2021 from NOK -47 million in 2020.

Profit before tax was NOK -591 million in 2021 (NOK -1.2 billion)

Passengers 1,143,480 (1,255,046)

Freight units 180,850 (174,068)

Color Line’s demand quickly rose to the levels ahead of the pandemic as soon as the community reopened in early 2022. The booking rate is now in line with 2019, and the outlook for the current year is therefore very positive.

Color Line expects a result for 2022 that is significantly better than last year, almost in line with a normal year. The company capitalizes on its very loyal customer base, attractive products and a renewed interest in the local markets within tourism, in combination with a more cost-effective operation and positive development in customer values after the pandemic.

COLOR VIKING laid up because of new corona measures

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Color Line has decided to take COLOR VIKING temporarily out of operation on the Sandefjord-Strømstad route on Monday 13 December. This is due to a significant decrease in the number of passengers after the government introduced new national corona measures and requested limited social contact.

The decision entails, in this round, notification of redundancy to just under 100 employees.

Mink Virus Forces Denmark to Shut Down Passenger Traffic to and from North Jutland

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On 9 November, the Danish authorities introduced restrictions in the Northern part of Jutland, to reduce the spreading and development of a mink virus variant.

It has been decided that all mink herds in Denmark must be slaughtered.

Stena Line has decided to temporarily stop the passenger operation between Frederikshavn and Gothenburg between 9 November and 3 December.

The freight operation on the route will continue to keep the vital supply lines open between Denmark and Sweden.

Passengers are during this period referred to the route between Halmstad and Grenaa, which are not affected by the new restrictions and will continue to operate with both passengers and freight.

Color Line operates its SUPERSPEED 1 and 2 in a freight-only mode.

Fjord Line does not take passengers on its already reduced number of crossings.

Fjord Line and Color Line Forced to Trim the Sails

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With the ongoing pandemic and restrictions on international travel from and to Norway, both Color Line and Fjord Line decided to reduce capacity.

Color Line: Oslo Kiel

  • As from 4 November, cruise ferry COLOR MAGIC will sail in a customized timetable with freight and Norwegian cruise-only passengers (without disembarking in Kiel).
  • Sister ship COLOR FANTASY will be laid up. This means that another 400 employees will be laid off.

Fjord Line: Bergen – Hirtshals and Hirtshals – Langesund

  • As from 27 October Fjord Line will temporarily stop servicing the routes between Hirtshals, Denmark and two ports in Norway: Bergen and Langesund. (until end of year)
  • Norway’s North Sea coast will still be operated by BERGENSFJORD between Stavanger and Hirtshals, in a freight-only mode.
  • Ropax STAVANGERFJORD to be laid up.

Color Line Takes Action to Save Costs and Enhance Efficiency

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Color Line will meet the challenging situation in connection with the pandemic with a comprehensive program for cost savings and efficiency. “The plans will secure jobs and future profitability,” says CEO Trond Kleivdal (photo).

Preliminary analyzes show a need to reduce costs by +/- NOK 300 million. This will lead to a reduction in the number of employees both on board and on land by approx. 300 man-years. In addition, measures will be taken to reduce other operating costs.

“Color Line plans to use as many voluntary schemes as possible in connection with the

downsizing,” says CEO Trond Kleivdal.

Ferry Companies Like Color Line Will Be Able To Save Thousands Of Norwegian Jobs In The Tourism Industry

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A new analysis from Menon Economics and the University of Southeast Norway shows that up to 30,000 jobs can be lost in tourism if Norway does not take necessary measures for the industry. Color Line has sent a press release about this.

By opening the borders to the Nordic countries and Germany this summer, approx. NOK 14 billion of revenue from foreign tourists coming to Norway by sea in the summer of 2020 could be saved. The analysis concludes that opening the borders of these countries will be the most powerful single initiative to revive the tourism industry this summer.

A Good Year for Color Line in 2019

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  • +1.8% passengers (3,850,623)
  • -3.0% freight (177,085)
  • +3.5% operating revenue (NOK 5,320 million)
  • +7.4% operating expenses (NOK -4,215 million)

The difference primarily represents increased bunker costs due to higher oil prices and weaker Norwegian currency than last year, increased operating costs as a result of the start-up of the ro-ro ship COLOR CARRIER, as well as one-off costs related to the start-up of COLOR HYBRID.