A “satisfactory” 2022 for Viking Line

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January– December 2022 (compared to January–December 2021)

  • Sales amounted to EUR 494.7 M (EUR 258.2 M).
  • Other operating revenue was EUR 24.1 M (EUR 46.8 M).
  • Operating income totalled EUR 38.3 M (EUR 32.1 M).
  • Net financial items were EUR -10.0 M (EUR -3.8 M).
  • Income before taxes totalled EUR 28.3 M (EUR 28.3 M).
  • Income after taxes totalled EUR 23.0 M (EUR 24.4 M).

Outlook for the financial year 2023

  • Significant uncertainty continues due to the geopolitical situation.  This is impacting directly on energy prices, inflation, interest rates and currencies and indirectly in terms of propensity to travel, demand, consumption patterns and costs.
  • AMORELLA  was sold in Autumn 2022, and at the end of the year an agreement was reached on the sale of ROSELLA for delivery in January 2023. The company does not foresee any further vessel sales in 2023.
  • Provided that energy prices remain at their current level and taking into account that capital gains are expected to be lower than in 2022, the Board of Directors estimates that income before taxes will be somewhat lower than in 2022..

Jan Hanses, CEO of Viking Line said;

“Our results for 2022 should be described as good. The new financial year 2023 will be both demanding and engaging. We are closely following economic developments and adapting operations to meet the challenges we face, particularly concerning the new environmental norms. Meanwhile, we are optimistic about the future.”

Fourth Quarter Results 2022 (compared to Fourth Quarter 2021)

  • Sales amounted to EUR 124.5 M (EUR 89.3 M).
  • Other operating revenue was EUR 15.2 M (EUR 2.2 M).
  • Operating income totalled EUR 19.4 M (EUR 1.6 M).
  • Net financial items were EUR -2.5 M (EUR -0.4 M).
  • Income before taxes amounted to EUR 16.9 M (EUR 1.2 M).
  • Income after taxes totalled EUR 13.6 M (EUR 1.7 M).

Finnlines add second vessel on Zeebrugge-Rosslare

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To meet the increased capacity and frequency demand from customers, Finnlines is strengthening its Ireland–Belgium freight service by adding a second ro-ro vessel.

FINNPULP will join FINNWAVE on the route in week 8, departing from Zeebrugge on 23 February 2023.

Finnlines launched the new service between Rosslare and Zeebrugge in July 2022. The service has been well received by Irish transport operators. Via transhipment in Zeebrugge, the Irish connection is also available to the Finnish, German, Estonian and Spanish industries as well as the whole Grimaldi Group network.

FINNPULP: 3,259 lane metres |225 trailers | 12 drivers

FINNWAVE: 4,192 lane metres |300 trailers | 12 drivers

CMA CGM confirms its interest in La Méridionale

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The CMA CGM Group finally confirmed what we announced last week: the French container giant enters into exclusive discussions to acquire La Méridionale.

A press release (in French) says that the planned acquisition will enable:

-The recovery of the Company and the preservation of the employment of French crew under the 1st French register flag,

-The investment in fleet and in the energy transition of the company.

Public tender coming for building additional two berths for ro-ro ships in the port of Trieste

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In the port of Trieste, the project to extend the berth for two ro-ro ships at Molo VI pier reached its final step.

The local Port Authority has just approved the executive project and started the restricted procedure through which the EUR 17.4 million worth works will be awarded to the best tender offer.

Two years after the start of the works, the Molo VI pier will have two additional ro-ro berths to serve mainly the regular maritime link with Turkey.

Pier VI is today the base of operations of Emt – Europa Multipurpose Terminals, a company controlled by the Turkish group Ekol Logistics.

The south side will soon also host Timt – Trieste Intermodal Maritime Terminal, 55% owned by the Turkish group Ulusoy and the rest by the Trieste-based group Samer.

Ferry MSC AURELIA bound for Türkiye to support earthquake relief initiatives.

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MSC AURELIA has departed from the port of Naples and is en route to the port of Iskenderun in Türkiye with over 50 pallets of essential supplies, food, and beverages to support earthquake relief efforts.

The MSC Group and MSC Foundation have organized an urgent response to assist those affected by the recent earthquake in Türkiye and Syria, working closely with Turkish authorities, the Italian Foreign Ministry, and the Vatican. The vessel will remain in port and be available to accommodate victims of the earthquake.

In addition, the MSC Group is arranging for thousands of empty containers to be delivered to the hardest-hit provinces to provide shelter for families who have lost everything.

The MSC AURELIA, with a cargo capacity equivalent to 40 trucks and over 400 cars, transports first aid items and medical supplies collected by the MSC Foundation and Rava Foundation, including pediatric drugs, supplements, toiletries, toys, and crayons for children. It also transports over 30 pallets of long-life food, pasta, and beverages, as well as clothing and blankets.

Upon reaching its final destination, the vessel will serve as emergency accommodation, providing over 1,000 beds, equipped spaces such as a restaurant and a cinema, and video games for children.

KYDON PALACE is temporary leaving the Piraeus-Chania route

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Minoan Lines has made a request to the Hellenic Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy to temporarily reassign its cruise ferry KYDON PALACE from the Piraeus-Chania route until October 31, 2023.

The ship will be operated by Minoan Lines with Greek flag and Greek crews on the Adriatic service. Minoan Lines emphasizes that the request is temporary and they have no intention of abandoning the Piraeus-Chania route.

The reason for this request is due to the increased needs in the Adriatic Service, where the KYDON PALACE is more urgently required.

COLOR VIKING is being prepared for delivery to SeaJets

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The delivery of Seajets’ newly acquired vessel, the COLOR VIKING, is expected to be completed by the end of February.

The ship is currently located at the port of Sandefjord in Norway, where a Greek crew is making final preparations for the delivery.

The COLOR VIKING ceased operations on the Sandefjord-Stromstad route on November 22, 2022, and was sold for a price of EUR 8 million.

It is anticipated that the vessel will arrive in Greece before March 15 and will undergo conversion before being introduced into the domestic ferry service.

Photo: Trygve Eriksen (shipspotting.com)

ECSA statement on FuelEU Maritime negotiations

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The European Community Shipowners’ Associations (ECSA) calls on the European Parliament and the Council to support the mandatory inclusion of fuel suppliers under the scope of FuelEU Maritime as proposed by the European Parliament in Amendment 129 (Article 20 – paragraph 3 c (new)).

It is key to ensure that shipowners are not unduly penalised if the sustainable fuels necessary for compliance are not delivered.

This provision, together with a binding target for maritime fuel suppliers as proposed by the Parliament in RED III, is essential for the energy transition of shipping.

Digitalisation of Color Line’s operations supported by Telenor Maritime’s Unified Hosting Service™

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Sustainability through digitalisation: Telenor Maritime has installed its Unified Hosting Service™ (UHS®) on board Color Line’s fleet of five ferries, supporting the process of digitalising its operations and sustainability strategy.

From January 2023, the open and vendor-neutral data hosting platform enables Color Line to collect, monitor and transmit crew input data and sensor data from the on-board navigation and engine control systems, delivered by different OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). The UHS® digitalises two major operational activities that were previously handled manually: operational checklists for the crew and the collection of data for the regulatory Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) reports.

The MRV regulation stipulates that data must be logged for each leg of the journey and added to a report for the authorities (EU, IMO) to analyse and monitor the fleet’s pollutant emissions data. With the UHS® installed, this normally tedious, manual task is now automated. Data is collected from the operational technology on board and is seamlessly shared between the ship and the shore. The MRV data is sent directly to the DNV class society for compliance approval. Moving from manual to digital checklists improves the crew’s daily operations, allowing faster and easier communication and information sharing, and access to higher quality data.

Telenor Maritime is proud to partner with Color Line, supporting its vision to become Europe’s leading shipping company within sustainable passenger and goods transportation. The UHS® provides access to all on-board data on one platform, giving the crew and the land-based management organisation the opportunity to create a common set of master data that can be trusted and reused. Having the ability to access data insights on board will empower the crew to make better decisions in their daily operations, making real-time performance optimisation attainable.

Photo: Anders Martinsen