April 29, 2022

2021, another demanding year for Color Line, primarily due to major operational challenges as a result of government-imposed restrictions in connection with the pandemic.

Operating revenues were NOK 2.6 billion in 2021, which was in line with 2020 and significantly below NOK 5.3 billion in the last normal year 2019.

Operating profit increased to NOK 211 million in 2021 from NOK -47 million in 2020.

Profit before tax was NOK -591 million in 2021 (NOK -1.2 billion)

Passengers 1,143,480 (1,255,046)

Freight units 180,850 (174,068)

Color Line’s demand quickly rose to the levels ahead of the pandemic as soon as the community reopened in early 2022. The booking rate is now in line with 2019, and the outlook for the current year is therefore very positive.

Color Line expects a result for 2022 that is significantly better than last year, almost in line with a normal year. The company capitalizes on its very loyal customer base, attractive products and a renewed interest in the local markets within tourism, in combination with a more cost-effective operation and positive development in customer values after the pandemic.