November 28, 2019

In the fall of 2018, the Oppland county council decided to allocate NOK 65 million for a new ferry and NOK 20 million for onshore infrastructure. The actual ferry Randsfjordferja II is almost 70 years old.

The special thing about the Randsfjord ferry, is that it must first be built, then dismantled and transported over sea and road, and then re-assembled and launched. Randsfjorden is Norway’s fourth-largest lake. The ferry connection is between Tangen and Horn.

After tendering, only one offer was received that qualified. It came from Holland Shipyards Group.

Now, an extra NOK 18.9 million has been allocated after several changes were made based on the original tender specifications.

Electricity provider Glitre Energi nett AS can supply enough energy on the quay for direct charging. This allows to drop the battery bank on land.

In addition, four engines and rudders have been replaced with two less expensive thrusters and better maneuvering capacity.

The yard takes the currency risk, as the contract is in Norwegian kroner.

Source: Oppland Municipality (in Norwegian)

To see the GA of the ferry (Source: Oppland Municipality)