CDP, Fincantieri And Snam Team Up To Innovate Port Facilities In Italy And Develop Sustainable Technologies For Maritime Transport

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Cassa depositi e prestiti (CDP), Fincantieri and Snam have signed a preliminary collaboration agreement aimed at identifying, defining and implementing medium-term strategic projects for the innovation and development of port facilities in Italy, as well as for the development of sustainable technologies applied to maritime transport, in line with the provisions of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan Proposal (PNIEC).

In particular, the agreement focuses on LNG infrastructure, energy efficiency and alternative energy sources.

Port Of Kiel: Ferry Routes With Different Volume Development In 2018

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The ferry traffic sector is the core business of the port and with 6 million tons, it makes up 80 % of the overall transhipment activities. While the liner services to Norway (+2.3 %) and to the Baltic States (+1.6 %) show growth, 10 % less tons of cargo were transported on the Kiel – Gothenburg route. One of the reasons is a long layover at the shipyard for STENA SCANDINAVICA.

The weekly liner service to and from Russia remained nearly at the same level due to continuing mutual restrictions on trade.

Again the biggest single volume was handled on the DFDS Kiel – Klaipeda service. Its frequency had even been augmented intermediately with an eighth and ninth departure in autumn.

Kiel was able to maintain its position last year with regard to the ferry traffic to the Baltic States, to West Sweden and Norway.


The Port of Kiel is currently investing more than 30 million in port expansion and environmental protection. Ostuferhafen will be redesigned by spring so that logistical processes can be optimized. Parking space for vehicles will be expanded.

The construction of the first onshore-power supply plant is in full swing in the city port. The plant, which will supply eco-friendly electricity to the vessels of Color Line, will be completed by Easter.

At the same time, a Europe-wide tender for onshore-power supply plants to be installed at Ostseekai and Schwedenkai, is being prepared.


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EUR 155 Million EIB Support For Investment In Two New Cruise Ferries By Irish Continental Group

The European Investment Bank is providing EUR 155 million to finance two new ro-pax vessels for the ICG subsidiary Irish Ferries.

The loan to Irish Continental Group represents the first support approved by the EIB under a new Green Shipping financing initiative that supports investment in new and existing ships to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency.


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Three Bidders Invited To Apply For Contract To Run Ferries For The Northern Isles

The invitation to tender for the next contract to run ferries to the Northern Isles has been issued to three bidders.

Submission of final tenders is scheduled for March 2019, with a view to awarding the contract in July 2019.

The contract is estimated to be worth £370m and will run for eight years. Two of the bidders are current holders Serco as NorthLink and Calmac – the third is not known.

France Triggers €50m Contingency Plan In Case Of No-Deal Brexit

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There are strong fears that Britain would leave without a deal on 29 March.

“In such conditions, the government’s responsibility is to make sure the country is ready. That’s why I have decided to trigger the plan for a no-deal Brexit,” the French prime minister, Édouard Philippe, has said.

Five decrees will be issued soon, including authorisation for major investment in new infrastructure such as border control checkpoints, roads, lorry parks and warehouses at the ports and airports “most concerned” by the prospect of no deal, Philippe said.

Authorities will also start hiring 600 extra government employees to deal with the consequences for cross-border trade of the UK leaving the EU without a deal, including customs, veterinary and other inspectors to carry out the necessary checks on goods, livestock and food products.

Government ‘Temporarily’ Buys CAD $2.1 Million Ferry To Ensure Travel In Eastern Quebec

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Quebec’s provincial ferry service Société des Traversiers du Québec (STQ) has added the CAD $2.1-million veteran ferry APOLLO to its fleet, to replace the modern ferry F.A. GAUTHIER that usually plies the Matane—Baie-Comeau—Godbout route in eastern Quebec.

The 2015- Fincantieri-built F.A. GAUTHIER was docked on 17 December, after a routine inspection revealed a mechanical problem with its propeller system.

François Chartrand, STQ’s interim president and CEO, said he will seek reimbursement from the Italian shipbuilders.

New Ferry For Magdalen Islands Up In Air

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Transport Minister François Bonnardel cancelled a pair of decrees issued by the former Liberal government that gave the go-ahead to replace an ageing vessel in the fleet that provides ferry service to the Magdalen Islands.

The decrees permitted the company CTMA that runs that ferry service to issue an international call for tenders to replace the 1973-built CTMA VACANCIER. Now everything has to be restarted from scratch.

Great Yarmouth Port Can Launch Ferries After Brexit

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The port at Great Yarmouth is able to handle ferries carrying cargo to and from mainland Europe should it need to after Brexit, the company which runs the port has said.

Peel Ports, owner of the Port of Great Yarmouth has said the port has the capability to launch and take roll-on vessels. It has previously published a paper about the use of uncongested ports.

Brexit Unlocked, A Contingency Option Using Uncongested Ports click on image for more information