November 26, 2020

Webinar 3 (19 November): Will we have the right ferries?

Results of the 5-question poll:

Are more subsidies needed to develop “green” fuels and ferries?

  • The majority (83%) thinks more subsidies are needed.

Do we think the pandemic will slow down the ferry fleet renewal programme?

  • 71% of the participants think yes

Is there any future for cruise-ferries?

  • 83% sees a future. Perhaps there is a certain confusion about the definition. A cruise-ferry in the Baltic might be different to one trading in the Med.

These two answers did not generate a clear answer, with more than 40% answering ‘no opinion’:

  • Will the shortage of truck drivers affect the development of freight ferries?
  • Do we think that Europe’s ageing ferry fleet will create a tonnage crisis in the coming years?