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Webinar 3 (19 November): Will we have the right ferries?

Results of the 5-question poll:

Are more subsidies needed to develop “green” fuels and ferries?

  • The majority (83%) thinks more subsidies are needed.

Do we think the pandemic will slow down the ferry fleet renewal programme?

  • 71% of the participants think yes

Is there any future for cruise-ferries?

  • 83% sees a future. Perhaps there is a certain confusion about the definition. A cruise-ferry in the Baltic might be different to one trading in the Med.

These two answers did not generate a clear answer, with more than 40% answering ‘no opinion’:

  • Will the shortage of truck drivers affect the development of freight ferries?
  • Do we think that Europe’s ageing ferry fleet will create a tonnage crisis in the coming years?


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Ferry Shipping Webinar: Ferry Shipping Situation and Development Following the Corona Pandemic

Our webinar of 1 October 2020 can be seen here again (including the Adonis sponsor video)

DNV GL Webinar: Global Sulphur Cap 2020 – Be Prepared for Compliance

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As the deadline for the 2020 global sulphur cap is getting closer, many uncertainties still remain, making the job of preparing vessels for the fuel switch more challenging. That’s what DNV GL says. It is organising a webinar with the following content:

  • The regulatory framework, including an MEPC 74 meeting summary
  • The latest update on scrubbers
  • A review of the fuel switch options, including their associated risks
  • The IMO’s recommended Ship Implementation Plan (SIP)
  • An “executive checklist” for 2020 global sulphur cap compliance