Two shipyards submitted offers for building a new ro-pax ferry for Regione Siciliana

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After two failed attempts the Regione Siciliana succeeded in receiving offers from two shipyards for building a ro-pax ship set to be deployed on the routes to and from the Aeolian islands.
Some sources said to Ferry Shipping News that Fincantieri and Astilleros Armon are the interested shipyards..
The procedure had a tender price of EUR 120 million (down from the initial 130 million for two units of the previous unsuccessful tenders) to build a ferry capable of carrying 1,000 passengers (including 38 crew members), for a total of 336 beds, as well as vehicles and goods (including dangerous goods).

The ship will have to be equipped with two cargo decks, one dedicated only to cars and accommodating 53 in 255 lane meters, while the other has a capacity of 610 meters for trailers and 710 for vehicles (147 units). The overall length of the unit will be 138.4m, the maximum width 25.2m, and the maximum speed will be 19 knots.

Third tender launched by Regione Siciliana for a new ropax

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For the third time in a row, Regione Siciliana launched a public tender for finding shipyards interested at building one (plus one option) ropax ferry to be deployed on the Trapani – Pantelleria and Porto Empedocle – Lampedusa maritime links.

The new ‘tender price’ is EUR 120 million for each unit, of which 4.5 million are a fixed value related to safety equipment.

The first vessel, to be delivered before June 30th, 2025, will be based on the Naos Design P364 project thus with dual-fuel diesel electric propulsion, 900 lane metres and 1,000 pax capacity.

Fincantieri is rumoured to be interested at submitting an offer; expiring date is next August 10th.

Liberty Lines and Caronte & Tourist the only bidders for the subsidized routes in Sicily

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Regione Siciliana received two offers following the public tender launched for the ferry links to and from the smaller islands surrounding Sicily. The contract is worth EUR 360 million for five years and it’s divided in two: EUR 210 million for highspeed maritime links and EUR 152 million for services operated with ropax units.

As for the highspeed routes, Liberty Lines emerged as the only participants, while Caronte & Tourist was the only company interested in the subsidised links to the Eolie, Egadi, Lampedusa and Linosa islands.

The last concession awarded saw Ustica Lines (former Liberty Lines), Caronte & Tourist and Siremar as the companies with the highest number of lines granted.

Soon to be launched: public tender for building new ropax ships for Sicilian region )

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Regione Siciliana started the process for a new tender aimed at selecting the shipyard for building a new ropax ship (1+1) to be deployed on the Trapani – Pantelleria and Porto Empedocle – Lampedusa maritime links.

The ‘tender price’ is EUR 100 million, of which 4.5 million are a fixed value related to safety equipment.

Some details of the project:

  • One ro-pax ship (+ option)
  • Tender price of EUR 100 million for the first unit
  • Based on the Naos Design P364 project
  • Dual-fuel diesel electric
  • 900 lane metres and 1,000 pax capacity, 105 cabins
  • Tender still to be officially launched