Third tender launched by Regione Siciliana for a new ropax

July 14, 2022

For the third time in a row, Regione Siciliana launched a public tender for finding shipyards interested at building one (plus one option) ropax ferry to be deployed on the Trapani – Pantelleria and Porto Empedocle – Lampedusa maritime links.

The new ‘tender price’ is EUR 120 million for each unit, of which 4.5 million are a fixed value related to safety equipment.

The first vessel, to be delivered before June 30th, 2025, will be based on the Naos Design P364 project thus with dual-fuel diesel electric propulsion, 900 lane metres and 1,000 pax capacity.

Fincantieri is rumoured to be interested at submitting an offer; expiring date is next August 10th.