Polferries to get an intermediate ferry before the newbuild(s)

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Polish Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Marek Gróbarczyk announced at a press conference onboard NOVA STAR that Polska Żegluga Bałtycka (Polferries) will get a financial support of PLN 140 million (EUR 30 million) to acquire a ferry, until the previously announced newbuilt units are put into operation.

Polferries received funds in the form of securities from the State Treasury.
The stop-gap ferry will either be bought or chartered.
It is understood the ferry will be used on the Świnoujście-Ystad line. Port of Ystad has built new, larger ferry berths. Contractually, Polferries has to bring in a new ship.

A report by Radio Szczecin quotes the president of Polska Żegluga Bałtycka, who says that they are “entering the market for the purchase of a used or new ferry, which is currently under construction.”

Andrzej Madejski, president of PŻB, said, money is a stable base to start talks with shipowners who want to sell vessels, as well as with shipyards that are in the final stage of building units. (Note from editor: would he mean LNG-powered HONFLEUR, in the final stage of construction at Fosen Yard?)
Last year, Polferries carried 341,000 passengers, 156,000 passenger cars and 161,000 trucks.

What Is Happening With Polferries?

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Five years ago, representatives of the Szczecin-Świnoujście and Ystad ports and Polferries signed a letter of intent regarding two new ropax ferries and the adaptation of the port of Ystad.

Ystad is ready with its port. Two new quays were built, capable of accepting the planned LNG-powered ferries. But besides a rusty keel, there is no ship.
Marek Gróbarczyk, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure, said the delay was ‘caused by the pandemic’.

The European Union is threatening to withdraw its support.

The EU, through its Executive Agency for Innovation and Networks (INEA), wants confirmation from Polferries that by the end of 2024 an LNG-powered ferry will be introduced on the Ystad – Świnoujście route. The Polish Ministry of Infrastructure claims that the task will be completed.

Last week, Piotr Redmerski, the CEO of Polferries PZB, lost his position after 15 years. His dismissal is seen by many as political.


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From 25 March till 02 April, the following changes will be introduced in the Polferries ferry traffic:

Swinoujscie – Ystad: MAZOVIA and CRACOVIA will operate according to timetable, but BALTIVIA will be transferred.

Nynäshamn- Gdansk: NOVA STAR ferry will not operate the line. BALTIVIA, intended only freight traffic goes into the NOVA STAR timetable.

All transports of cars and trucks without driver until further notice are suspended. The above decision does not apply to the carriage of semi-trailers which will be operated in the normal manner.

Polferries write they are not able to guarantee single cabins for freight drivers.

Port of Ystad expands with new areas for vehicles and warehouses

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With steadily increasing volumes, the Swedish port opened new areas to improve the logistical conditions for the port’s customers.
On Monday, November 27, Ystad opened a new area of 33,000 m2 for vehicle pre-check-in. At the same time, another area of 23,000 m2 was opened, with two warehouses of 5,120 m2 each. The need for the expanded area is derived from an ever-increasing flow of passenger and cargo traffic through the port.
Ystad Harbor is a central point for trade between Sweden and countries in Central and Eastern Europe.
As from next year Ystad is going to build two new ferry berths in the outer harbour. In 2020 the first of several new ferries is expected to start operating the Ystad-Świnoujście line. Polferries has a ferry on order.

Hamn’s CEO Björn Boström and Chairman Kaj Jönsson showcase one of the new warehouses.

Photo: Ystad

Exclusive interview with Piotr Redmerski, an optimistic Polferries CEO

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Ferry Shipping News (FSN) visited the Polferries Headquarters in Kolobrzeg for a meeting with CEO Piotr Redmerski. He expressed optimism for the future development of Polferries. One newbuilding is ordered and construction will start in Szczecin, December 2017. Building time will be 30 months. This ferry could be a prototype for more to come, serving the Polferries network.

During the last 5-10 years the passenger and especially freight traffic have seen a very big increase. This is in line with the strong development of the Polish economy.
The owners of Polferries, the Polish government, wanted to sell out and privatise the company some years ago. However, today the same owners will develop Polferries. FSN believes that later the other Polish State-owned Unity Line will also see investment in new tonnage.

Parallel with this, Poland will invest in a development of their ship building industry.