Polferries: Gdansk and/or Gdynia?

August 11, 2022

In an interview, Andrzej Madejski, president of Polska Żegluga Bałtycka (Polferries), said the following:

  • A serious economic effect of the war in Ukraine is the increase in fuel costs, which has a strong impact on Polferries. The company increased the fares, but it still does not cover the total bunker
  • Since January last year, fuel prices have increased by 100%, while the company’s budget assumed a 20-30% increase.
  • Hesitation about the move from Gdańsk to the new ferry terminal at the Port of Gdynia, as announced last year.
  • Moving to Gdynia could happen in autumn 2022.
  • Desire to keep Gdańsk too. Because Polferries is the only operator there and because of the easy connection with the motorway.
  • Advanced talks to charter a new ship
  • Design works are also underway on the ferry, which will be built for Polferries by the Remontowa shipyard under a contract signed with Sedina 2 – a subsidiary of Polskie Promów.