Viking Line: “one of the strongest first quarters in the past 10 years”

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January-March 2023 (EUR million)

  • Sales EUR 93.9m (58.8m)
  • Other operating revenue EUR 8.8m (6.0m)
  • Operating income EUR -0.9m(EUR -18.1m)
  • Net financial items EUR -3.5m (EUR -2.2m)
  • Income before taxes EUR -4.4m (EUR -20.3m)
  • Income after taxes EUR -3.7m (EUR -16.2m)

“Provided that energy prices remain at current levels and taking into account that capital gains are expected to be lower than in 2022, it is Viking Line’s view that income before taxes will be somewhat lower than last year, which is the same conclusion as in our last report period.”

  • Pax 888,725 (521,537)
  • Market share pax 35.4% (32.0%)
  • Cargo units 33,736 (29,033)
  • Market share cargo 17.5% (14.5%)
  • Market share passenger cars 26.8% (25.1%)

Tallink Grupp delivers a strong Q1

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In short: solid performance during the quarter that has historically been the most challenging for the group due to travelling low season. (unaudited)

  • +45.7% pax
  • -9% cargo units
  • +61.3% consolidated revenue or EUR 171.2 million.
  • EBITDA  has seen a huge swing back into the positive compared to the last few years, reaching EUR 27.1 million in Q1 2023 (EUR –11 million in Q1 2022).
  • Net loss for the period was EUR 5.4 million (net loss of EUR 40.0 million in Q1 2022).

The following operational factors impacted the Group’s revenue and operating results in Q1 of 2023:

  • Growing demand for travelling supported by improving consumer confidence levels in all Group’s core markets.
  • Ongoing war in Ukraine continues to impact the demand.
  • During the quarter the Group operated 15 vessels including 3 shuttle vessels, 2 cargo vessels, 4 cruise ferries and 6 vessels that were chartered out (2 vessels on long-term and 4 vessels on short-term charter).
  • The Group operated 3 hotels in Tallinn while the hotel in Riga remained closed since October 2020.
  • Planned maintenance works totalled 45 days which affected the Finland-Sweden segment’s first quarter passenger and cargo levels as well as the financial result.
  • The Group continues to focus on cost savings from previously implemented measures and achieving profitable operations on its core routes.
  • The Group regularly monitors the developments on its core routes including the capacity of each route and continues to look for chartering options for vessels not used on the main routes.

New ro-pax for Polferries launched at Cantiere Navale Visentini (VIDEO)

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The new ro-pax, to be delivered to Polferries, has just been launched at Cantiere Navale Visentini in Italy and will enter service in the second half of 2024.

The vessel will be chartered from a subsidiary of the shipbuilder for a period of 10 years, with a purchase option after 6 years.

These are the main technical details of the new vessel:

LOA 216m | 28M wide | 3,000 lane meters | 1,000 pax | 230 cabins | LNG-ready

RINA releases new advanced Carbon Intensity Indicator Calculator and Simulator

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In response to the IMO’s implementation of the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), RINA has launched a Vessel Reporting System (VRS) aimed at boosting decarbonisation efforts through simple reporting.

The new flexible reporting tool from RINA will collect data and allow the creation of dashboards to handle not only CII requirements but all reporting. The CII report provides an accurate and comprehensive picture of a ship’s carbon emissions and energy efficiency based on input data such as time at sea, time at port, average sailing speed, fuel consumption per fuel type and sailed distance.

Michela Schenone, Marine Digital Solutions Manager at RINA, said, “With the Vessel Reporting System, ship owners and managers may avoid potential reimbursements for negative CII ratings. They can easily track fuel consumption and emissions and, as the crew enters new data, the Vessel Reporting System automatically performs real-time quality checks to prevent input errors.”

The new Vessel Reporting System is a standalone solution requiring minimal system setup. For organisations already using SERTICA, the tool can be added as a module.

Magic Sea Ferries’ HSC CAT 1 to enter service on the Sporades run in June

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On June 1, 2023, Magic Sea Ferries’ HSC CAT 1 will be introduced on the Agios Konstantinos – Skiathos – Skopelos – Alonissos line.

From June 30 the line will be extended to Mandoudi (Evia) until September 3, 2023.

The Japanese-built vessel will operate until October 1, 2023 on the main line.

The 100m ship was purchased in 2019 and awarded ‘ship of the year 1994’ -when built- from the Japan Society of Naval Architects & Ocean Engineers.

Her carrying capacity is for 1000 passengers and 200 cars, while she can play at 30 knots.

HSC GOTLANDIA II will be delivered to Golden Star Ferries on May 10

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Greece-based Golden Star Ferries has already sent crew to Sweden (Visby) for the delivery of its latest acquisition, HSC GOTLANDIA II.

The ship was purchased on April 2, 2023, and will be renamed GOLDEN PRINCESS. She is expected to arrive in Greece at the end of May, while she will probably be introduced in the Hellenic Coastal Shipping during summer season of 2024, as she has to undergo a few upgrades and modifications first.

The 122m ship was built in 2006, is the fourth ship of Golden Star Ferries and among the newest high-speed crafts of her category in Greece.

A dining concept for Finnlines’ new ships: ”Each portion of food must have a story behind it”

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Finnlines started a close co-operation with Kespro, which supplies food services to Finnlines’ ships on the route between Finland and Sweden.

The co-operation between Finnlines and Kespro is part of the concept renewal for the Superstar ships. Passengers will be served food, which has been produced locally and sustainably.

The main themes of the Superstar dining concept are sustainability, domestic and local products and seasonal variations. The carbon footprint of restaurant services comes mainly from air emissions during primary production and this is why choice of suppliers is also an important environmental aspect.

Henri Alén, chef and restaurant keeper, well-known from TV, has been involved in designing menus for Fisherman’s Bistro, Barrel Bay and Micke’s À la carte restaurants.

“The shipboard restaurants have one common theme, which is not to compromise with different concepts. We will serve tasty treats from the Archipelago and experiences with an international touch. We work hard to serve food that is not fuel, but a culinary delight. Whether it is hot cereal in the morning, a pastry at a meeting or dinner in the evening – each serving must have a story behind it,” Alén says.

Nature restoration: Europe’s ports ask for a coherent and flexible framework to ensure port development and (re)building nature can go hand-in-hand

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ESPO very much welcomes the aim of enhancing biodiversity and preserving nature. ESPO therefore support the aims set out in the Nature Restoration Law, but believes this new proposal must act as a complement to existing EU legislation, rather than introducing another layer of complexity in nature restoration efforts. The proposal must avoid reinventing the wheel, and should provide some flexibility for ports and a level playing field on the European level.

Since ports are often located in or near different natural areas, ports strive to integrate the protection of biodiversity in all port operations, making it part of their license to operate. Ports have already demonstrated that port development and ecological transition towards better and more nature can go in hand.

As partners in realising the energy transition, Europe’s ports will need more physical space and a facilitating legislative framework to truly become hubs of renewable energies, and to be an enabler in the race to a Net-Zero Europe. Socioeconomic and strategic considerations must be viewed alongside the continued economic operations of the ports and nature restoration efforts.

Valenciaport becomes the first port in the world to operate hydrogen-powered 4×4 trucks at its terminals

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The Port of Valencia received the hydrogen-powered Terminal Tractor, one of the pilots to be tested within the framework of the European H2PORTS project.

It will be tested in real operations at the VALTE terminal of the Grimaldi Group.

The 4×4 RORO Tractor is the first hydrogen powered unit in the world and was developed by ATENA, a research and technology hub composed of Universities, Research Institutes, and Private Company mainly based in the Campania Region of Italy.

Its hydrogen storage system, made of four Type 3 cylinders (350 bar), has an overall capacity of around 12 kg, which guarantees a continuous operation of at least 6 hours before refuelling, corresponding to the average duration of a working shift.

Brittany Ferries: major contract extension for Telenor Maritime connectivity solutions

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Brittany Ferries has extended its contract with Telenor Maritime for connectivity of its fleet operating on routes between the UK, France, and Spain. The new contract expands the scope of services delivered by Telenor Maritime, enabling a more resilient network for ship to shore communications and a better experience for passengers, crew, and operations.

The combination of VSAT and mobile broadband backhauls with the new addition of low latency, high speed radio link backhauls will deliver higher quality, cost-effective wi-fi and mobile services for passengers, crew, operations, and business activities. Redundancy of this connectivity setup provides network stability, and in turn increases the level of cyber security for the networks on board.