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Since the middle of May 2019, the Japanese built roro AYSHE of Kostas Agapitos is laid up at the Perama repair zone.

In 2014 she was chartered to the Turkish ECOL for the Turkey – France (Sète) run, a route that was fit exactly to her characteristics and potentials.

However, her charter expired last May and the large roro was laid up in Greece. Since then she was put up for sale but without success so far, which means that a great ship may end up to the scrapyard.

NISSOS MYKONOS & NISSOS CHIOS Will Be Integrated into Blue Star Ferries

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The HSW’s sisters NISSOS MYKONOS [link: Fakta om Fartyg] and NISSOS CHIOS [link: Fakta om Fartyg] will soon sport the Blue Star Ferries livery following the recent decision of the Atiica Group, as they operate mainly on Blue Star Ferries routes and share the Blue Star Ferries’ fleet design.

The two popular ferries will be renamed BLUE STAR MYKONOS and BLUE STAR CHIOS, while their refurbishment will start soon in Perama.

Both ships will be fitted with scrubber units while their interior public areas will change in order to follow the Blue Star Ferries philosophy.

The Hellenic Seaways fleet will be confined only to the large ferries of the North Aegean as well as the high-speed crafts.