Italy’s Government open to non-EU crew members on the local cabotage

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Last Monday (May 1, 2023), Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni’s Government implemented a new labor decree, which includes tax cuts and an article pertaining to maritime transport. Specifically, the law allows shipping companies that operate ro-ro and ro-pax vessels for local cabotage to hire non-EU seafarers for a limited duration of three months. However, this can only be done with an agreement with trade unions.

The new law was proposed by ferry companies due to the shortage of Italian and European seafarers last summer because of Covid-19 related restrictions. It is expected that the same emergency will occur during the upcoming summer season.

Two charters signed for fast ferries on the Italian cabotage

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Genoa-based broker firm Ferrando & Massone made public two charter contracts.

  1. Monohull HSC ISOLA DI VULCANO (520 pax, 57 cars, 30 knots) has been chartered out from Caronte & Tourist Isole Minori to Navigazione Libera del Golfo. The latter confirmed the deal, explaining that she will be used on the regular links between Termoli and the Tremiti Islands in the Adriatic Sea.
  2. The Maurizio-Aponte-headed Navigazione Libera del Golfo also chartered out the monohull HSC SALERNO JET (445 pax, 30 knots). Blue Jet will use the vessel on the Strait of Messina.

New ro-ro link likely to be soon put in place between Damietta and Trieste

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Italy and Egypt “are working” on “launching a new line” of “ro-ro ferries between the ports of Damietta and Trieste.”

The announcement came from Italy’s Ambassador in Egypt, Michele Quaroni, speaking at the presentation of a report on the Suez Canal produced by the SRM Study Centre with Alexbank.

This new line between Egypt and the North Adriatic port, if and when it becomes operational, will make possible to connect “European markets” with Egypt and “other regions” in North Africa, the Ambassador added.

Which shipping company, which port terminals? That was not revealed publicly. However, market rumours report that Samer Seaports & Terminals and DFDS are actively working on that subject


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The charter of Moby Group’s roro GIUSEPPE LUCCHESI has begun. Cotunav started to operate her between Rades and Italy (12+12 months).

Moby Group, with only one roro left after all others have been successfully chartered out, is in the meanwhile looking forward to the delivery of the new ropaxes. The first is soon to be delivered by GSI SHIPYARD in China, adding freight capacity.

Attica Group: a new giant with 45 ferries

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The merger of ANEK with Attica Group will lead to the formation of a new shipping giant in Greece. It will operate 45 ferries on all the main Greece and Italy lines.

With the specific agreement a significant write-off of the ANEK’s’ debts by EUR 156,4 million was decided. Attica Group will only pay EUR 80 million from the total of EUR 236,4 million.

After the completion of the agreement, which is expected by March 2023, Attica group will control four companies in Greece: Superfast Ferries, Blue Star Ferries, Hellenic Seaways and ANEK Lines.

Attica Group also operates in the Western Mediterranean with a 49% stake in Africa Morocco Line.

FS Italiane’s Fleet Renewal Plan Revealed For The Strait Of Messina

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A document published by the Italian transport ministry and focused on cost and opportunities to build up a new bridge on the Strait of Messina, revealed some interesting news about the fleet renewal program soon to be launched by Ferrovie dello Stato group which owns some roro and ropax ships trough RFI and BluJet companies.

  • Refitting and hybridization of the 2013-built ferry MESSINA
  • Delivery of the new ship IGINIA scheduled for next September and currently under construction at San Giorgio Shipyard in Genoa (she will replace the ferry VILLA)
  • Purchase of a new ship before 2025
  • Cold ironing system ashore in the ports on the two sides of the Strait of Messina
  • Project to buy three high-speed vessels dual-fuel LNG or Electric for passenger transport service

Public Money for Short Sea Fleet Renewal in Italy from the Recovery Plan

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A first draft copy of the Recovery Plan, which is ‘under construction’ and emerged earlier this week, revealed that some financial resources will be bound directly to the fleet renewal for ferries and more in general vessels deployed on the short sea routes in Italy.

Mainly those active on the routes with the small islands, in the Gulf of Naples (photo), in Sicily and also those deployed in the city of Venice.

The ro-pax fleet renovation is part of a series of measures aimed at modernizing and making shipping and transport more efficient in Italy. Cold ironing systems in the ports, railcars and trucks will also receive some funds under the same program.

“This plan has two main goals. The first is to boost the production and use of modern, environmentally sustainable ships, with relevant positive effects in terms of job creation and mobility” recently commented Vincenzo Petrone, chairman of shipbuilders’ association Assonave. “The second goal is to make up the deficit of investments needed to accelerate the ‘green’ transition of European ships to account for the challenging environmental protection objectives that Europe intends to achieve by 2030”.