Lauro Group testing electric propulsion in the Gulf of Naples with Sealance system

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Lauro Gruppo (*) commissioned Sealance a feasibility study for retrofitting its fleet of vessels to the electric propulsion.

The first installation of the electric jet system, called DeepSpeed, will take shape on a small ship (with 160 passengers capacity and 24 metres long) deployed for coastal excursions in the Gulf of Naples and to the surrounding islands. The vessel in question is controlled by the subsidiary Capitan Morgan based in Ischia.

The objective for the Lauro Group is to have a ferry able of sailing with a 100% electric propulsion for 6 hours per day, for nine months per year at a speed of 18 knots.

A pair of DeepSpeed 420 eletric jet are expcted to be installed on the selected unit.

(*) Lauro Gruppo is controlled by Salvatore Lauro, also controlling Alilauro active on the routes from and to the port of Naples

Ferry Companies Reduced Number of Sailing and Ships in the Gulf of Naples

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All five companies operating passenger transport services in the Gulf of Naples decided to close down or reduce the sailings offered to and from the surrounding islands (such as Capri, Ischia, etc.).

Three labour unions (Filt Cgil, Fit Cisl e Uiltrasporti) publicly protested against the ferry companies Alilauro, Snav, Medmar, Navigazione Libera del Golfo e Gestour and complaining that less sailings have a direct impact on the workforce and on the social distance needed for the people onboard during the current pandemic emergency.

The ferry companies from their side decided to reduce the number of ships deployed and the sailings offered to and from Naples just because, due to the new procedure and limits introduced by the local authorities, the number of passengers sharply decreased.