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Maritime Forecast To 2050: Fuel Flexibility Key To Competitiveness In Low-Carbon Shipping Future

DNV GL has published a fuel forecast for the maritime industry. The forecast shows that the uptake of low-carbon and carbon-neutral fuels is essential to meeting IMO GHG goals, with carbon-neutral fuels having to supply 30% to 40% of the global fleet’s total energy by 2050. In the deep-sea sector, ammonia, biodiesel, liquid biogas and electro fuels are promising carbon-neutral options, with battery, hybrid and hydrogen solutions being potential options for the short-sea segment.

DNV GL Webinar: Global Sulphur Cap 2020 – Be Prepared for Compliance

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As the deadline for the 2020 global sulphur cap is getting closer, many uncertainties still remain, making the job of preparing vessels for the fuel switch more challenging. That’s what DNV GL says. It is organising a webinar with the following content:

  • The regulatory framework, including an MEPC 74 meeting summary
  • The latest update on scrubbers
  • A review of the fuel switch options, including their associated risks
  • The IMO’s recommended Ship Implementation Plan (SIP)
  • An “executive checklist” for 2020 global sulphur cap compliance