Three modern and eco-friendly RoRo vessels for Airbus

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Deltamarin is collaborating with Louis Dreyfus Armateurs (LDA) and Wuchang Shipbuilding Industry Group (WSIG) to design eco-friendly vessels for Airbus subassembly transportation. These ships aim to reduce CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030. LDA is modernizing its entire chartered vessel fleet for Airbus, with Deltamarin handling the design. The vessels will be powered by Flettner rotors and dual-fuel engines, minimizing their environmental impact and cutting annual CO2 emissions from 68,000 to 33,000 tonnes by 2030.

Deltamarin to do the approval and detail design of La Méridionale’s upcoming ro-pax vessel project

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Deltamarin, part of China Merchants Group, has signed a contract with China Merchants Jinling shipyard (Weihai) for the approval and detail design of La Méridionale’s upcoming ro-pax vessel project.

As a part of the contract, Deltamarin will be responsible for providing both the approval and detail design services for the construction of the new ro-pax vessel pair. Deltamarin has earlier provided the shipyard with consultancy and contract design services on the project.

Cin-Moby roro GIUSEPPE LUCCHESI chartered by Cotunav for 1+1 years

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Cotunav is rumoured to have chartered the roro ship GIUSEPPE LUCCHESI owned by Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione, company part of Moby Group (12m+12m)

The 3,660 lane meter unit, is at the time of writing still deployed on the Italian cabotage linking the port of Cagliari and Olbia with Livorno.

The charter rate should be around EUR 20,000 per day according to broker sources.

Cotunav will deploy the vessel on the maritime links from Tunisia to Italy (Livorno and Genova) and France (Marseille), the same route where is already active the roro LEEVSTEN for which the charter from Siem Group has been extended for three years starting from next January. Daily rate should exceed EUR 22,000 per day.

Five ports receive their PERS certificate at ESPO Conference in Valencia

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ESPO congratulates the Port of Harlingen (the Netherlands), the Port of Helsinki (Finland), the JadeWeserPort (Germany), the Port of Cork (Ireland) and the Port of Rauma (Finland) for being certified through the EcoPorts’ environmental management standard (PERS = Port Environmental Review System).

PERS is the only port-specific environmental standard. The last five years have seen important increases in its recognition and membership, with 106 ports from 25 countries currently counting themselves as part of the EcoPorts Network, and 35 ports holding PERS certification. Compliance with the EcoPorts’ PERS standard is independently assessed by Lloyd’s Register and the certificate has a validity of two years. EcoPorts’ PERS is revised after the 2-year period to make sure that the port continues to meet the requirements.

Flexen’s Power2ax Project Focuses On Green Hydrogen For A Cleaner Future

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Deltamarin supported Flexens in its Power2AX project by conducting a ferry comparison study with the aim of investigating the substitution of diesel-fuelled ferries with hydrogen ferries in the Åland archipelago.

Flexens Oy Ab is a Finnish project development company.

Flexen’s unique Power2AX project focuses on demonstrating a 100% renewable energy system in the Åland Islands.

Deltamarin’s study provides an estimation of the technical feasibility of introducing fuel cell ferries in the Åland archipelago that utilise hydrogen as fuel.

Deltamarin Provides RMC With Design Services For The Tallink Project

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Deltamarin signed a contract with Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC). It covers basic and detail design services for Tallink’s new LNG-powered shuttle ferry set to operate between Helsinki in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia.

The value of the contract with RMC is about €7.5M. The work will be carried out over a period of about 16-18 months at Deltamarin’s offices in Finland and Poland with the assistance of network companies.

The Tallink shuttle ferry is the biggest vessel yet to be built by RMC. It will accommodate 2,800 passengers and will have 1,900 lane meters for articulated road vehicles, cars, lorries, etc. Utilising the newest technology and innovative solutions, the ferry will be extremely environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient. It will run on dual fuel with the main source of fuel being low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG). The ferry is expected to be delivered early in 2022.