Cin-Moby roro GIUSEPPE LUCCHESI chartered by Cotunav for 1+1 years

By 15 September 20222022 Newsletter week 37
September 15, 2022

Cotunav is rumoured to have chartered the roro ship GIUSEPPE LUCCHESI owned by Compagnia Italiana di Navigazione, company part of Moby Group (12m+12m)

The 3,660 lane meter unit, is at the time of writing still deployed on the Italian cabotage linking the port of Cagliari and Olbia with Livorno.

The charter rate should be around EUR 20,000 per day according to broker sources.

Cotunav will deploy the vessel on the maritime links from Tunisia to Italy (Livorno and Genova) and France (Marseille), the same route where is already active the roro LEEVSTEN for which the charter from Siem Group has been extended for three years starting from next January. Daily rate should exceed EUR 22,000 per day.