AS Tallink Grupp Has Extended Vessel Charter Agreement

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A subsidiary of AS Tallink Grupp, Baltic SF IX Limited and Marine Atlantic Inc, a Canadian company with the state participation therein, have concluded to extend the current charter agreement of ro-pax ATLANTIC VISION (ex. SUPERFAST IX) for one year, until November 2020, with an option to extend the agreement for an additional two years.

The vessel has been on the long-term bareboat charter since November 14, 2008.


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AS Tallink Grupp Statistics For February 2019

In February 2019 AS Tallink Grupp transported 620,006 passengers, which is a 0.4% decrease compared to February 2018. The number of cargo units increased by 1.1% to 29,115 units and the number of passenger vehicles decreased by 1.2% to 66,835 units in the same comparison.

Tallink Grupp Transported Record Number Of Passengers And Cargo, But Revenue And Profit Decreased

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Tallink saw a significant increase in the number of cargo units transported: + 5.7%, totalling nearly 385,000 cargo units transported in 2018.

The total number of passengers increased with 900 to the highest number ever: 9,756,611.

Tallink Grupp’s passenger numbers increased on nearly all the group’s routes and the number of cargo units transported increased on all the routes, with record numbers of passengers and cargo being transported on the Estonia-Finland routes and Estonia-Sweden routes, and the largest ever number of passengers transported also on the Latvia-Sweden route in 2018.

Despite the records achieved, the group’s revenue and profit were impacted by higher fuel costs, lower charter revenue and a longer-than-planned docking of one of the group’s vessels in spring 2018.

  • -1.8% revenue EUR 949.7 million (EUR 967.0 million)
  • -13.9% net profit EUR 40.0 million (EUR 46.5 million in 2017).

In 2018 Tallink Grupp’s vessels completed a record number of 10,070 trips.

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Tallink’s Retail And Restaurant Sales Slip 2.3% To €524 Million

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  • Last year, Tallink Grupp saw unaudited revenue from restaurant and shops sales (including onshore) slide by 2.3% to €524.4 million as spend per passenger declined slightly.
  • The core retail and restaurant segment accounted for 55.2% of total Tallink Grupp revenue in 2018, in line with 2017 (55.5%).
  • Sweden-Finland is key route for generating duty free sales . Traffic fall of 2.5%. Reason is the BALTIC PRINCESS which was out of service for 68 days in Q1, for maintenance.
  • Estonia-Finland is busiest route (5.1 million pax). Increased competition = pressure on ticket prices. A new ferry has been ordered to join the MEGASTAR on the route in 2021.

Tallink Grupp Transports Record Number Of Cargo Units In 2018, But Fewer Cars

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Tallink Grupp transported in the full year 2018:

+0,04% passengers: 9,760,469 (9,755,720)

+5,67% cargo units: 384,958 (364,296)

-0,83% passenger cars: 1,124,897 (1,134,323).

  • Growth in spite of challenges, like longer than planned docking of BALTIC PRINCESS.
  • Record number of passengers in July, with 1,2 million pax in this month only.
  • Strong growth of cargo transportation, giving a new record.

Tallink Grupp’s Passenger Numbers And Cargo Units Increase, But Net Profit Is Down

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Tallink Grupp has announced its unaudited financial results for Q3 and first nine months of 2018.


+1.2% passengers (2.9 million passengers)

+0.3% revenue (EUR 283.6 million)

-3.6% unaudited net profit (EUR 46.1 million)


  • number of passengers travelling, and the number of cargo units transported increased in all the geographical segments, however:
  • higher fuel costs
  • decreased charter revenues two Superfast ferries have led to the slightly reduced profit compared to the same period in 2017.

Unaudited 9-month interim statement

+0.9% passengers (7.5 million passengers)

-7.9% net profit (EUR 41.8 million)

-1.5% unaudited revenue (EUR 723.2 million)



  • June and July highest numbers of passengers ever for these months
  • Largest number of passengers on the Estonia-Finland routes.
  • Largest number of cargo units on the Estonia-Finland routes
  • The greatest increases in both passengers and cargo units transported, has taken place on the Latvia-Sweden route.
  • Significantly increased fuel prices
  • Lower charter revenues
  • Strong competition
  • Longer than planned docking of one of the vessels in Q1


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Tallink Amends Group Dividend Policy And Intends To Reduce The Company’s Share Capital 

The Management Board of Tallink Grupp adopted a decision to supplement the Group’s dividend policy. With the decision the Group’s dividend strategy foresees the payment of dividends in the amount of 0.05 EUR per share going forward, the company’s financial results permitting.

In addition, the Group’s Supervisory Board gave the Group’s Management Board the instruction to prepare a proposal for the 2019 general shareholders’ meeting to reduce the company’s share capital by at least 7 cents per share. The aim of the reduction is to improve the company’s capital structure.