February 28, 2019

New Thrusters On Scandlines’ Hybrid Ferries Will Reduce Underwater Noise And Air Emissions In The Fehmarn Belt

All thrusters on Scandlines’ four hybrid ferries on the route between Puttgarden and Rødby will be exchanged with new thrusters that allow a homogenous water flow, which gives less noise and vibration. The exchange lessens the environmental impact significantly. Reduced underwater noise and less vibration can improve the conditions for the marine life in the Fehmarn Belt area – among these the harbour porpoises. Furthermore, easier water flow during propulsion ultimately reduces emissions, including CO2.

The total investment in the new thrusters is more than 13 million EUR.

The first ferry will have its thrusters exchanged in the autumn of 2019 and all ferries will be equipped with the new thrusters in 2020.

The 16 new thrusters will be delivered by Rolls-Royce Commercial Marine, together with a new automation and control system for each ship.