September 10, 2020

DFDS decided to become climate neutral by 2050 and is aiming for a relative reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions by 25-35% (between 2019 and 2030).

Three key climate plan actions:

  • Next 10 years: 29 technical initiatives aim to reduce emissions from the ferry fleet: bulb and propeller modifications, anti-fouling, decision support systems for fuel performance…
  • Long-term: zero emission fuels to replace fossil fuels. The new fuels are sustainable as they consist of renewable energy stored in the form of ammonia, hydrogen, or methanol.
  • Reduce emissions from third-party haulier trucks, own trucks and equipment used in port terminals

In 2019, the network emitted around two million tons of CO2 of which 90% was from ferries and the rest mainly from logistics operations.