January 3, 2019

DFDS and Ekol Logistics, a leading Turkish transport company in the market between Turkey and Europe, have agreed just before Christmas to significantly expand their cooperation.

The agreement covers sea transport of trailers between Istanbul and Trieste. DFDS expects it to increase volumes of freight units in the Mediterranean by almost 30 %.

To accommodate those extra volumes, DFDS will:

1) expand terminal capacities. DFDS has signed a contract for the use of a recently built ro-ro terminal in Yalova, southeast of Istanbul.

2) increase ships capacity by adding more tonnage. This means the two new 450-trailer freight ferries will not be put on Ghent-Gothenburg, but on the Med route.

The recently delivered ro-ro ALF POLLAK has been put on the former U.N. Ro-Ro line too, chartered by DFDS instead of the previously announced CLdN.

Since the acquisition of U.N. Ro-Ro in 2018, DFDS has already invested in the lengthening of ships