January 9, 2020

Delegation of Public Service for Secondary Corsican Ports Might Have to Be Revised

For the second time, the tender procedure for the ports of Porto-Vecchio and Propriano will probably be declared unsuccessful. The reason is the growing success of these smaller ports, which changes the framework for the DSP.

After having lost the main routes, La Meridionale was able to operate on Marseille – Propriano, and on Marseille Porto-Vecchio (the latter with Corsica Linea).

The fear is now that La Meridionale loses these secondary routes too.

Note from Ferry Shipping News: there are more questions than facts in this article. We’ll have to find out what the President of the Executive Board intends to propose at the next session of the Assembly of Corsica, on January 9 and 10. An emergency procedure will have to be started for a DSP until the end of this year.