P&O Ferries fire 800 crew members

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The big news of last week was when the ships from P&O Ferries were halted on Thursday, March 17. The crew had to watch a pre-recorded video, telling them that 800 crew contracts have been terminated with immediate effect, on the grounds of redundancy.

The decision had been taken “to save the company” after two years of losses of GBP 100 million each year.

The ships will primarily be crewed by a third-party crew provider. The new crew embarked the same day, relieving the fired crew members.

The way it has happened caused a lot of anger. The British parliament is debating about the issue. The government is examining whether the company had followed the proper procedure before mass redundancies. It has given the company a deadline to explain how the procedures were followed.

What is the situation on the different routes? (March 22)

Dover-Calais: Freight customers are being shipped via DFDS on the next available space charter sailing.

Larne-Cairnryan: All sailings suspended, further updates on resumption of service when available.

Dublin-Liverpool: Services resumed as normal.

Hull-Europoort: All sailings suspended, further updates on resumption of service when available.

Tilbury-Zeebrugge, Hull-Zeebrugge LOLO, Teesport-Europoort and Teesport-Zeebrugge routes: All sailings operating to schedule

Ferry Shipping News visits Knud E Hansen

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Earlier this month, Bo-Lennart and Mike visited the office of Knud E. Hansen in Helsingør.

One of the most interesting parts of the visit was the virtual walk through a ship.

Mike put on the goggles and started to walk on the bridge and the outside decks of a polar vessel.

The use of the ShipSpace collaboration platform allows to export 3D CAD models into the virtual world. The advantage is that the user can measure in the virtual space and implement changes in the design, while standing in the VR.

The chefs could for instance stand in the virtual galley and give comments such as “this oven is too low”. Same for a truck driver who could verify if he could turn around the pillars.

ShipSpace has some tools like measurement and paintbrush options that allow you to see through walls, mark up changes and measure clearances. The platform includes a camera that can take photos of desired changes and send to customers like any real-world site inspection.

ShipSpace allows users based in different locations all over the world, to meet in virtually and discuss issues productively.

Shipyard Lloyd Werft in Bremerhaven acquired by Rönner-Zech Group

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The Rönner-Zech Group, a bidding consortium including the Bremerhaven steel and shipbuilder Thorsten Rönner and the Bremen building contractor Kurt Zech, has been awarded the contract for the purchase of the shipyard.

Lloyd Werft filed for bankruptcy in January, following the collapse of MV Werften, both owned by Genting Hong Kong

The consortium wants to operate Lloyd Werft mainly as a conversion and repair shipyard. Bremerhaven-based Bredo shipyard already belongs to the Rönner Group.

A part of the shipyard could be set up for steel construction.

Dutch shipyard to build roro vessel for Polynesia

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The Polynesian Navigation Company (SNP, Société de navigation polynésienne), concluded an agreement with the Dutch shipyard Royal Bodewes for the construction of a new roro vessel.

HAWAIKINUI 2 is planned for the end of 2024.

In early 2025, it will take over from the actual vessel HAWAIKINUI, on the route between Tahiti, Huahine, Raiatea, Taha’a and Bora Bora.

Passenger traffic in Greek ports increased by 34.3% in Q3, 2021

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According to the Hellenic Statistical Authority latest report (16.03.2022):

  • The total passenger traffic in Greek ports, in Q3, 2021 increased by 34.3% compared to Q3, 2020. (a decrease of 39.1% compared to Q3, 2019).
  • The total traffic of mobile units in Greek ports in Q3, 2021 increased by 78.8%. (a decrease of 45.3 %, compared to Q3, 2019).
  • In four ferry lines the traffic exceeded the traffic of 2019. These are: Piraeus – Crete – Dodecanese, Piraeus – Dodecanese, Piraeus – Peloponnese, Piraeus – Chios – Mytilene.

Passenger traffic 2019-2020-2021 (third quarter comparison)

FERRY LINES 2019  2020   2021 
Saronic Gulf 1.120.243 698.381 856.019
Piraeus – Peloponnese 29.895 25.184 34.058
Piraeus – Crete 838.690 533.838 627.287
Piraeus – Crete-Dodecanese 54.231 36.722 241.525
Piraeus – Dodecanese 262.622 229.707 327.805
Piraeus- Western Cyclades 545.668 426.509 688.055
Piraeus – Eastern Cyclades 1.820.143 571.925 1.202.147
Piraeus – Mykonos – Tinos – Samos 591.504 483.290 352.007
Piraeus – Chios – Mytilene 266.287 144.662 286.631
Patra – Ionian Islands 297.583 191.168 272.126
Rafina – Evia – Eastern Cyclades 1.314.411 563.257 1.017.679
Volos – North Sporades – Kymi 526.556 302.839 493.395
Kyllini – Poros (Kefalonia) 244.058 153.736 199.619
Zante – Kyllini 520.794 237.511 376.954
Other Lines 1.362.130 758.510 1.079.507
Total 9.794.815 5.357.239 8.054.814

Cypriot authorities will announce the ferry operator for the Piraeus-Cyprus line by the end of the month

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By the end of March, the Cypriot Evaluation Committee will announce the ferry operator for the subsidized Piraeus-Larnaca or Limassol line.

  • The specific ferry connection concerns 22 sailings without a stopover.
  • Itineraries will start in April or May and will end in September or October.
  • The one-way passenger ticket will cost 50 euros, while the 2-way ticket will be set at 80 euros.
  • Cars will be only accompanied and the price for the 2-way ticket will be 150 euros, while motorcycles will pay 100 euros. These prices are the highest that the shipowner can set, while based on the subsidy he has the right if he wants to reduce them in order to make the line more competitive.
  • The aim of the specific ferry connection is to provide alternative connectivity between Greece and Cyprus as at the moment it is served only by plane. It is worth noting that the last time there was a Cyprus-Greece ferry connection was 21 years ago.

Liberty Lines to restart a high-speed ferry line between Italy and Croatia

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The Sicilian ferry company Liberty Lines controlled by the Morace family announced that from the end of May (Saturday 28/5) it will operate a new maritime connection from Trieste to Istria and Mali Lošinj, thus saving tourists the usual queues to cross the borders between Italy, Slovenia and Croatia.

Regular daily services (with the exception of Tuesdays) will be guaranteed until September 25th with departures from the Pier IV in Trieste. On the route will be deployed the modern monohull fast ferry MARCO M.

For the Morace controlled company this represents a comeback since in the past, with the brand Trieste Lines, the group already operated a line from Trieste to Pula, Rovinj and Piran.

DAUERFLORA supplies Cruise Gate Hamburg with hand disinfection dispensers

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DFI DAUERFLORA International GmbH, the expert in green design, has added hand disinfection devices to the product portfolio.

The complete hygiene equipment for hands contains disinfection dispensers, paper dispensers and waste bins of a renowned German manufacturer. It offers a comprehensive solution for all public areas, food preparation areas and sanitary rooms.

DAUERFLORA has just supplied Cruise Gate Hamburg with hand disinfection dispensers.

All devices are characterized by an appealing design, high functionality, and reliability.

One new feature of the different series is the optional linking via WiFi which ensures the monitoring of the single devices.

For the first time digital diagnosis of consumption and of the frequency of use is possible.

This avoids time-consuming manual control, and containers are reliably filled at any time.

These state-of-the art dispensers and serial devices can be ordered now and are deliverable at short notice.

Meet DAUERFLORA at the Ferry Shipping Summit, Malmö 19-20 May.