March 24, 2022

Earlier this month, Bo-Lennart and Mike visited the office of Knud E. Hansen in Helsingør.

One of the most interesting parts of the visit was the virtual walk through a ship.

Mike put on the goggles and started to walk on the bridge and the outside decks of a polar vessel.

The use of the ShipSpace collaboration platform allows to export 3D CAD models into the virtual world. The advantage is that the user can measure in the virtual space and implement changes in the design, while standing in the VR.

The chefs could for instance stand in the virtual galley and give comments such as “this oven is too low”. Same for a truck driver who could verify if he could turn around the pillars.

ShipSpace has some tools like measurement and paintbrush options that allow you to see through walls, mark up changes and measure clearances. The platform includes a camera that can take photos of desired changes and send to customers like any real-world site inspection.

ShipSpace allows users based in different locations all over the world, to meet in virtually and discuss issues productively.