Anek Lines 9-month key financial results and Q3, 2022

By 16 December 20222022 Newsletter week 50
December 16, 2022

According to Anek Lines’ latest report on the 9-month and 3rd quarter key financial results that was published on December 9, 2022:

  • In the nine-month period of 2022, there was a significant strengthening of the Group’s traffic figures in relation to the comparable period of the previous fiscal year. However, the surge in fuel prices put an undue burden on operating costs, absorbed the benefit of revenue growth and significantly worsened operating results.
  • EBIT of the Group for the nine months of 2022 amounted to losses of EUR 7.9 million against profits of EUR 4.2 million in 2021 (9-month period). Consolidated EBIT in the Q3 amounted to a profit of EUR 8.6 million compared to EUR 10.3 million in Q3, 2021.
  • A 22% increase in turnover in the nine months of 2022, which amounted to EUR 139.5 million compared to EUR 114.2 million. Accordingly, in Q3 of 2022 the consolidated turnover amounted to EUR 65.3 million against EUR 56.0 million, recording an increase of 16%.
  • Consolidated EBITDA of the Group for the nine months of 2022 appears losses of EUR 0.9 million against profits of EUR 12.4 million in the nine months of 2021. Consolidated EBITDA in Q3 of 2022 amounted to profits of EUR 11.1 million against EUR 13.1 million.