Hansa Destinations will not perform the service between Nynäshamn and Rostock during 2023

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  • Hansa Destinations (Gotlandsbolaget) has been running the service between Nynäshamn-Visby-Rostock since August 2021. Now, the company informs that they will not be continuing the traffic during 2023.
  • The background to the decision is foremost, the high cost of fuel.
  • The goal has been to offer freight customers, but also passengers, an effective and sustainable solution for transport and travel between the continent and the greater Stockholm area. The move from road to sea represents a major environmental benefit as well as a needed decrease of trucks on roads.
  • “We do not have a sound business case. The low numbers of cargo volumes have also meant that the environmental benefits that have been our goal, have not been achieved”, says Håkan Johansson, CEO at Gotlandsbolaget.
  • The traffic will end after the arrival of ELIANA MARINO will be in Rostock on December 18, 2022, and of DROTTEN in Nynäshamn on January 4 2023. Customers and partners are being contacted.

CLdN expands services between Santander, Liverpool and Dublin.

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  • In January 2023 a new twice weekly schedule from Santander to Dublin will double capacity on this service, in line with the growing demand.
  • From this date Spanish cargo for the UK market will be transhipped in Dublin onto the Seatruck Ferries regular shuttle service to Liverpool.
  • To enable these transhipments but also to accommodate growing market demand, Seatruck Ferries are at the same time deploying an extra vessel, SEATRUCK PENNANT, onto their successful Dublin – Liverpool route.
  • “This change will benefit customers using both services with increased capacity, simplified customs procedures and logical through shipment options. Thanks to the very low carbon footprint of the combined unaccompanied RoRo fleet (~37 g/ton_km in 2021), shipping with CLdN and Seatruck Ferries is a much greener solution compared with landbridge or road transport,” says the CLdN press release. “As end customers demand more sustainable shipping solutions the importance of longer sea crossings which reduce road mileage will become ever more important.”

DFDS November volumes: continued mixed picture for freight

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Ferry – freight:

Total volumes in November 2022 were 12.0% below 2021. Volumes were 3.7% below 2021 adjusted for Channel that is impacted by a considerable total market decrease and overcapacity.

North Sea volumes were lowered by a temporary reduction in ferry capacity and continued supply chain disruptions for some automotive customers. Mediterranean volumes kept on growing in November, while Baltic Sea volumes remained negatively impacted by the war in Ukraine.

For the last twelve months 2022-21, the total transported freight lane metres decreased 2.4% to 42.2m from 43.3m in 2021-20. The decrease was 0.5% adjusted for Channel.

Ferry – passenger:

The number of passengers continued to recover and increased 119% to 179k equal to 80% of volumes in November 2019, the latest comparable month pre-Covid-19. The number of cars equalled 89% of volumes in 2019.

For the last twelve months 2022-21, the total number of passengers was 3.5m compared to 0.9m in 2021-20 and 5.1m in 2019.

Anek Lines 9-month key financial results and Q3, 2022

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According to Anek Lines’ latest report on the 9-month and 3rd quarter key financial results that was published on December 9, 2022:

  • In the nine-month period of 2022, there was a significant strengthening of the Group’s traffic figures in relation to the comparable period of the previous fiscal year. However, the surge in fuel prices put an undue burden on operating costs, absorbed the benefit of revenue growth and significantly worsened operating results.
  • EBIT of the Group for the nine months of 2022 amounted to losses of EUR 7.9 million against profits of EUR 4.2 million in 2021 (9-month period). Consolidated EBIT in the Q3 amounted to a profit of EUR 8.6 million compared to EUR 10.3 million in Q3, 2021.
  • A 22% increase in turnover in the nine months of 2022, which amounted to EUR 139.5 million compared to EUR 114.2 million. Accordingly, in Q3 of 2022 the consolidated turnover amounted to EUR 65.3 million against EUR 56.0 million, recording an increase of 16%.
  • Consolidated EBITDA of the Group for the nine months of 2022 appears losses of EUR 0.9 million against profits of EUR 12.4 million in the nine months of 2021. Consolidated EBITDA in Q3 of 2022 amounted to profits of EUR 11.1 million against EUR 13.1 million.

Marfin: proposal for exchange of the entirety of the company’s bond loans for its participation in Attica

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MARFIN INVESTMENT GROUP HOLDINGS S.A. announced on 13 December 2022 it received a proposal from the company “STRIX Holdings L.P.”, bondholder – owner of the entirety of the bonds

  • of the common bond loan issued by the Company on 14 May 2021, with an outstanding balance of EUR 282.9 m., and
  • the convertible bond loan issued by the Company on 31 July 2017, with an outstanding balance of EUR 160.8 m.,

for the exchange of the entirety of the bonds owned by STRIX and issued by the Company, for the Company’s total direct and indirect shareholding in “ATTICA HOLDINGS S.A.”, i.e. 22,241,173 shares representing 10.31% in ATTICA’s share capital, directly owned by the Company, and the entirety of the shares of the Company’s wholly owned subsidiary “MIG SHIPPING S.A.”, which owns 149,072,510 shares representing 69.07% in ATTICA’s share capital. The terms of the proposal include a confirmatory legal and financial due diligence in “MIG SHIPPING S.A.”, the approval of any competent competition authority, as required by law, and the granting of an

exclusivity period until 30 July 2023.

The Board of Directors accepted the aforementioned proposal and decided to appoint forthwith a financial advisor that will examine the fairness of the financial terms of the transaction. Any definite agreement will be submitted for approval to the General Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders.

In case of completion of the transaction, the Company will proceed to the cancellation of the entirety of its own bonds to be acquired and as a result, its borrowings amounting to EUR 443,8 m. will be fully and completely repaid.

Incat: former Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein appointed as Strategic Advisor

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Incat Chairman Robert Clifford announced the appointment of the former Tasmanian Premier Peter Gutwein to the role of Strategic Advisor for the company.

During his period as Premier Peter Gutwein was Tasmanian Minister for Climate Change, hence a perfect candidate to support Incat’s growth in the global ferry market where zero emission is the ideal as International Maritime rules require reductions in CO2 emissions in the world’s fleet.

Incat is poised to revolutionise the world ferry market building lighter, stronger, fully electric zero emission ferries.

Finnlines will soon welcome foot passengers to its Sweden–Finland route – two departures a day

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Presently, to board the Finnlines which operates from Kapellskär, north of Stockholm, via Långnäs on the Åland Islands to Naantali, close to Turku in Finland, passengers must have a vehicle (bicycles are allowed as well).

However, when two larger Superstar class ships enter the route as from September 2023, foot passengers can also embark the ship.