September 13, 2018

Port Of Calais Less Worried About Brexit Than Six Months Ago


This is in a nutshell what CEO of Port of Calais Jean-Marc Puissesseau said on local TV.

  • More Brexit-confident than earlier this year.
  • Relief! The recent communication from Europe about the Irish freight corridor, where France was ‘forgotten’, seems to have been a matter of miscommunication (or stronger lobbying from Belgium and The Netherlands).
  • Market share: Calais has 100,000 freight units a year for Ireland. It is only 5% of the traffic, but the port does not want to lose this.
  • Worries: the port has invested in larger marshaling areas, but is worried about the customs checks. Will they be as severe everywhere? If not other ports could have a commercial advantage.

Watch the interview on YouTube (in French)