March 10, 2022

The first of two of a completely new generation of ferries called ‘Green Ships’ has been delivered to TT-Line.

  • First ferry in the southern Baltic Sea to be operated with LNG
  • The combination of the significantly better emissions balance of LNG, more efficient ship operation and significantly increased capacity for freight and passengers enables the CO2 balance to be improved by up to 60%.
  • An energy-efficient air conditioning system ensures minimal energy consumption.
  • Engine heat recovery system
  • LED light reduces power consumption by 80% and ensures a tenfold longer service life.
  • The optimized hull, including a specially designed bulbous bow, results in low fuel consumption considering the ship’s speed profile.
  • Special shaft seals with additional air chambers prevent water contamination from lubricating oil.
  • Extensive waste management.
  • 32 charging stations on the car decks.

More than 90% of the technology is provided by European suppliers.