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Elvir Dzanic, current CEO of Göteborgs Hamn AB, will be the new CEO of WALLENIUS SOL when Ragnar Johansson hands over the baton in the summer of 2023. Ragnar Johansson will step down from his post as CEO of WALLENIUS SOL to focus instead on developing the company’s business.

TT-Line’s NILS HOLGERSSON is on its delivery voyage

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The first of two of a completely new generation of ferries called ‘Green Ships’ has been delivered to TT-Line.

  • First ferry in the southern Baltic Sea to be operated with LNG
  • The combination of the significantly better emissions balance of LNG, more efficient ship operation and significantly increased capacity for freight and passengers enables the CO2 balance to be improved by up to 60%.
  • An energy-efficient air conditioning system ensures minimal energy consumption.
  • Engine heat recovery system
  • LED light reduces power consumption by 80% and ensures a tenfold longer service life.
  • The optimized hull, including a specially designed bulbous bow, results in low fuel consumption considering the ship’s speed profile.
  • Special shaft seals with additional air chambers prevent water contamination from lubricating oil.
  • Extensive waste management.
  • 32 charging stations on the car decks.

More than 90% of the technology is provided by European suppliers.

The New TT-Line Ferries Will Be Built In Finland, After All

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Rauma Marine Constructions and Tasmanian shipping company TT-Line have finalised an agreement for the construction of two ropax ferries at Rauma shipyard.

TT-Line had to withdraw from a previous Memorandum of Understanding. The Tasmanian government wanted to explore the possibilities for local shipbuilding. Eventually the decision was taken to abandon this path.

Construction will begin in spring 2022.

The first vessel will be delivered to TT-Line in late 2023 and the second one in late 2024.

The new vessels will replace the SPIRIT OF TASMANIA I and II, both built in Finland in 1998.

Spirit Of Tasmania Vessels Won’t Be Built In Tasmania

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The replacements for the TT-Line ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ ropax ferries will be built overseas, which was the original plan (first in Flensburg, then in Rauma)

The decision comes seven months after establishing a taskforce to investigate whether the new ferries could be built in Australia.

The taskforce investigated three options:

Option 1: A shipbuilder is selected to build two large steel monohull ferries where some construction is in Australia and involves businesses in Tasmania

The Taskforce received submissions from Austal and Serco.


Option 2: Allow for an assessment of the viability of very large aluminium multihull vessels with the intention of commissioning at least two vessels if they prove viable.

Incat proposed the construction of two 180 metre catamarans.

Option 3: A shipbuilder is selected to build and supply two steel monohull vessels constructed overseas.

Under this option, TT-Line would commence a new tender process, or finalise its contract with Rauma Marine Construction.

Less Passengers? More Freight Capacity for Spirit of Tasmania

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In its Annual Report 2019/20, TT-Line Company Pty Ltd’s reported total revenue of AUS $270.7 million and an after-tax profit of $32.4 million.

Chairman Michael Grainger said the Company’s performance was adversely impacted by the pandemic.

  • Number of sailings: 842 (867)
  • Passengers 351,224 (446,869)

“The freight volumes carried by the Company for the year were the highest on record, due in part to the increased availability of lane metres on board the ships because of lower passenger requirements.”

Officially Confirmed: Rauma Marine Constructions and Australian TT-Line Company sign Memorandum of Understanding for Two New Ferries

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Last week Ferry Shipping News was just in time to publish the news about the Memorandum of Understanding between Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) and Australian TT-Line Company. Two ropax ferries are going to be built in Finland instead of Flensburg, Germany.

This has now been confirmed by Flensburger, RMC and TT Line Tasmania.

TT Line’s Chairman Michael Grainger said the decision was mutually agreed by TT-Line and FSG.

Alex Gregg-Smith, Managing Director of FSG said, “This decision has been taken with the mutual consent of all parties concerned and is part of our reorientation of FSG as we focus on building high-quality products on time and on budget.”

The vessels will be built at Rauma shipyard and delivered at the end of 2022 and 2023. The vessels set to operate under the brand Spirit of Tasmania will replace the existing vessels, SPIRIT OF TASMANIA I and SPIRIT OF TASMANIA II (ex. SUPERFAST III and SUPERFAST IV), built in Finland in 1998.

The new ferries will accommodate 1,800 passengers and will have an approximate gross tonnage of 48,000. The ferries are set to operate in challenging conditions on the Melbourne, Australia – Devonport, Tasmania route.