March 18, 2021

The replacements for the TT-Line ‘Spirit of Tasmania’ ropax ferries will be built overseas, which was the original plan (first in Flensburg, then in Rauma)

The decision comes seven months after establishing a taskforce to investigate whether the new ferries could be built in Australia.

The taskforce investigated three options:

Option 1: A shipbuilder is selected to build two large steel monohull ferries where some construction is in Australia and involves businesses in Tasmania

The Taskforce received submissions from Austal and Serco.


Option 2: Allow for an assessment of the viability of very large aluminium multihull vessels with the intention of commissioning at least two vessels if they prove viable.

Incat proposed the construction of two 180 metre catamarans.

Option 3: A shipbuilder is selected to build and supply two steel monohull vessels constructed overseas.

Under this option, TT-Line would commence a new tender process, or finalise its contract with Rauma Marine Construction.