February 21, 2019

Australia’s newest and biggest cargo ship was named as TASMANIAN ACHIEVER II at a special ceremony in Burnie, on Sunday 17 February.

TASMANIAN ACHIEVER II is the largest general cargo ship to fly the Australian flag and is set to enter service on 1 March, carrying goods between the Port of Melbourne and the Tasmanian Port of Burnie.

The new ship will make the 396 km Bass Strait crossing between Melbourne and Burnie in 13 hours, an hour faster than its predecessor and has capacity to carry 40 per cent more cargo, both in trucks or in containers.

TASMANIAN ACHIEVER II’S identical sister ship, VICTORIAN RELIANCE II will be named at a ceremony scheduled next weekend at Toll’s wharf in Webb Dock, Port of Melbourne.

Photo: Mr Will Hodgman, Premier of Tasmania; John Mullen, Toll Group Chairman; Hayley Burr, Tasmania Achiever II Junior Sponsor; and Taneki Ono, Japan Post First Executive Officer.