August 12, 2021
  • Intention to increase the company’s share capital by up to EUR 31.5 million
  • Intention to conduct a public offering of new shares
  • Subscription period is intended to be 18 August – 1 September 2021 (including)
  • Up to 66,988,204 new ordinary shares
  • In case of oversubscription, the company may increase the number of shares offered by 10%, i.e. up to 73,687,024 shares, as a result of which the company’s share capital would be increased by up to EUR 34.6 m
  • Intended issue price per one new share is 0.47 euro per one share, which corresponds to the accounting value of the share, i.e. there is no issue premium.

AS Infortar, the largest shareholder of the company, holding approximately 39% of all the shares of Tallink Grupp, has issued a subscription guarantee to the company under which it undertakes, unconditionally and irrevocably, to subscribe for the new shares (if offered publicly as described above) in the total value of up to EUR 15 million.