QUEEN CORAL 8 delivered to Levante Ferries

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According to Kefalonia press, Levante Ferries’ officials are in Japan in order to complete the purchase of QUEEN CORAL 8 (1999). The ship was purchased at the end of March and she will be renamed CONTESSA DI LEVANTE. She had already undergone sea trials and inspection by Levante Ferries’ technicians, who will remain in Kure Kawanjiri until her final delivery and departure for Greece.

Her conversion into a passenger ferry will take place in Greece and she is expected to be introduced in the next season 2023.

Photos: Kefalonia Press

Tallink: new menu concept for Grande Buffet Restaurants

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Tallink Grupp has launched a new onboard buffet menu which is available onboard company’s Tallink and Silja Line’s vessels’ Grande Buffet restaurants from 18 May 2022. The menu includes more than 140 different dishes, sides and condiments to choose from and also plenty of vegan options to satisfy every passenger.

To provide variety throughout the year, the Grande Buffet restaurant’s new menu concept features seasonal theme tables which highlight regional ethnic culinary traditions. The traditional Swedish smörgåsbord theme table opens the summer season.

Tallink Grupp publishes 2022 first quarter financials

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Low season quarter results were still strongly impacted by the pandemic and the start of the war in Ukraine in late February. The latter resulted in a sharp increase in fuel, food and commodities prices as well as some decrease in traveller confidence in the second half of the quarter.

The results were also impacted by the planned dockings of several of the company’s vessels, including dockings brought forward from autumn 2022, to ensure there are fewer traffic interruptions in Q4 this year.

Q1, 2022 (EUR)

+97.5% Revenue 106.1 million

Net loss 40.0 million

EBITDA -11.0 million (-6.3 million in Q1 2021)

Negative effects:

  • pandemic
  • war in Ukraine
  • high fuel prices
  • traveller confidence issues



Sourcing alternative opportunities and work for vessels (such as ROMANTIKA charter to Holland Norway Lines, and ISABELLE securing a contract as a refugee accommodation vessel for at least four months this year)


To end the year 2022 with a net profit.

Tallinn-Stockholm route with only one Tallink vessel until the end of 2022

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Tallink Grupp has decided not to add a second vessel to the Tallinn-Stockholm route in 2022 as originally planned. The route will continue to be operated by the company’s vessel BALTIC QUEEN and the departures from Tallinn and Stockholm will take place every other day.

VICTORIA I, which was due to join BALTIC QUEEN on the route from early June this year, will currently remain suspended in Port of Tallinn once it finishes its current replacement service on the Tallinn-Helsinki route on 21 April.

Tallink Grupp statistics: positiveness after a long period of challenges

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Q1: +169% passengers | +85% cars | +20% cargo units

March:  +321% pax | +175% cars | +20% cargo units

Outlook:  cautious, because of war

Tallink Grupp: Short-term charter agreement for ISABELLE

Tallink Grupp and Estonian Social Insurance Board have signed a short-term time-charter agreement for ropax ISABELLE. The vessel will be chartered to the Estonian authorities from 7 April 2022 for four months with extension options (4+2+2).

The vessel will be used to provide temporary accommodation to Ukrainian refugees arriving in Estonia. Chartering of the vessel means that, in contrast with the original plans, the company will not re-open the Riga-Stockholm route in 2022.

“We have not planned to completely abandon the route, but it is still impossible to estimate when the route will be opened,” said Paavo Nõgene, President and CEO of Tallink Group. [Finnish press release]

Tallink Grupp published its 2021 Annual Report

Click on the cover to access the annual report

Tallink Grupp stays in profit in H2 2021 and halves net loss for the year compared to first pandemic year

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Tallink Grupp reported a net loss of EUR 56.6 million for 2021 (net loss of 108.3 million reported for the full year 2020) with a strong second half of the year resulting in a marginal net profit for H2.

The group’s unaudited results for 2021 (in EUR)

  • Revenue 476.9 million (442.9 million)
  • EBITDA 58.3 million (8.0 million)

The strong result considering the ongoing pandemic challenges was achieved despite the company’s passenger numbers decreasing by 21% compared to 2020 and amounting to a total of 2,961,975 passengers.

The company’s cargo transportation continued on a steady path with the number of cargo units carried in 2021 increasing by 2.6%.

Tallink Grupp managed to secure a net profit in H2. The result can partly be attributed to the re-opening of the Tallinn-Stockholm route in July 2021 after a 15-month suspension and the Helsinki-Stockholm route in August after a 16-month suspension. Both routes immediately attracted passengers especially at the time when the vaccination drive in Baltic sea countries had had an initial positive impact on reducing the spread of the virus during summer 2021 and the temporary easing of travel restrictions during Q3 2021.

Other positive contributors to the marginal net profit in H2 were the various charters.

The company’s key project into the future continues to be the build of the company’s new shuttle vessel MYSTAR, which is now due for completion and delivery in 2022.

Part of the efforts to ensure liquidity in 2021 also included omitting dividend distribution and the Management Board will propose not paying a dividend in 2022 as well.

“We have faith in 2022 being a year of change for the positive from the COVID pandemic point of view and we are gearing our business up for it. Our customers tell us that they are ready to and want to return to the Baltic sea with us and we have made all the preparations to make this return to cruising on the Baltic sea as memorable and enjoyable for everyone who joins us on board. We have every intention to keep the Baltic sea cruising tradition alive with our colleagues and customers in 2022 and beyond.”

Tallink Grupp’s CEO Paavo Nõgene

Tallink Grupp and Port of Tallinn reached compromise agreement in a court dispute

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Tallink Grupp and Port of Tallinn have reached a compromise agreement, which ends the court dispute between the two parties which started in March 2021 over the port dues offered to passenger ferries in the Old City Harbour.

Tallink Grupp will waive all submitted claims against the Port of Tallinn in this case

Port of Tallinn will change the port dues applied to passenger ferries operating regular routes to and visiting the Old City Harbour.

New port dues will apply to all ferry operators operating regular routes to the port.

ISABELLE returns to Riga after two years of absence

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Tallink Grupp’s vessel ISABELLE is undergoing regular maintenance in the Turku Repair Yard, prior to returning to Port of Riga after two years of absence

ISABELLE, which until the start of the pandemic operated on the company’s Riga-Stockholm route, is getting a regular dry-docking, scheduled from 12 to 25 February 2022.

After the technical maintenance works, the vessel will proceed directly to the Port of Riga where she will wait for the re-opening of company’s popular Riga-Stockholm route in April 2022.

Tallink Grupp’s September Statistics Show Improvement on Last Year – Q3 Overall Tougher than 2020

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Positive trend for September

Pax: +27.6% • 310,265

Pax Cars: +4% • 64,610

Cargo Units: +4% • 33,982

Negative trend for Q3

Pax: -13% • 1,144,092

Pax Cars: -16.8% • 229,468

Cargo Units: -1.1% • 90,538

Numbers are still far off from what Tallink is used to in Q3 in the pre-COVID times.

The company does not foresee great increases in passenger numbers before next spring or summer. Difficult low autumn-winter season ahead.

In light of the need to optimise the company’s activities for the low season ahead and with bookings for the autumn-winter season increasing at a slower pace than expected, the company made the decision to temporarily suspend the operation of its vessels BALTIC QUEEN, SILJA EUROPA and SILJA SERENADE after the end of the Christmas school holidays in January.

SILJA EUROPA will operate some special cruises and charter cruises during the suspension period.

The company will start operating its shuttle vessels Star and Megastar according to the traditional winter schedule from 16 October 2021.