Irish Ferries boosts revenues as passenger numbers soar

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The Ferries Division within the Irish Continental Group has demonstrated exceptional performance. Revenues surged by 4.4% in the initial 10 months of the year. Notably, in the period leading up to November 18th, there was a remarkable 12.4% increase in car shipments and a 3.3% rise in Ro-Ro freight.

However, container freight faced challenges attributed to a deceleration in deep-sea volumes. Despite this setback, the overall performance of the Ferries Division underscores its resilience and success in a dynamic market.


Volumes (Year to date, 18 November 2023) 2023 2022 Change vs 2022
Cars 588,700 524,700 +12.2%
RoRo Freight 639,900 616,100 +3.9%
Container Freight (teu) 248,500 291,100 -14.6%
Terminal Lifts 277,300 286,100 -3.1%

BC Ferries: Q2 results 2023 reflect continued strong traffic

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BC Ferries’ net earnings (compared to same period last year)

  • For the 3 months ended September 30, 2023: $102.1 million (+26.9%)
  • For the 6 months ended September 30, 2023, $117.3 million (+32.8%)


  • Q2: 7.8 million (+4%)
  • Year-to-date: 13.6 million (+5%)


  • Q2: 3.0 million (0%)
  • Year-to-date: 5.5 million (+2%)


  • Q2: +11% primarily as a result of an increase in vehicle and passenger traffic levels, tariff rates, fuel surcharges and retail revenue.
  • Year-to-date +10% over the same period in the prior year impacted by factors such as changes in overall traffic levels, traffic types and tariff rates.
  • While revenues were higher, expenses from operations increased by 11% mainly due to continued inflationary pressure across all cost categories.

Sefine delivers a fine new ferry

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Sefine Shipyard delivered NEREA (Newbuilding 54), a hybrid dual-fuel Diesel/LNG/Electric ferry to Caronte&Tourist.

  • NEREA is a 110 meter, 18-knot speed, 115 vehicle capacity, modern RoPax ship.
  • She was built to operate in Class “B” (less than 20 nautical miles from the coastline) with 800 people and in Class “A” navigation (short international voyage) with 400 people.
  • Two 360° Azimuth thrusters, electrically driven, 2 bow thrusters, a pair of non-retracting wing stabilizers DYNAPOS-SAM, 2 large and 2 small generators, one emergency generator.
  • Photovoltaic cells (200 W/m2) were installed on a 200 m2 surface as sun protection.
  • Zero Emissions in Port.
  • The battery can also be used to optimize energy consumption.

Photo source: Linkedin

Launching of Scandlines’ new zero direct emissions ferry FUTURA

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25 November 2023, Scandlines’ new zero direct emissions freight ferry was traditionally launched from the Turkish Cemre Shipyard.

The ferry will be named FUTURA at a naming ceremony in connection with its deployment on the Fehmarn Belt in 2024.

With 10MWh, FUTURA will have the world’s largest lithium-ion battery bank to date. (to compare: luxury icebreaker LE COMMANDANT CHARCOT has 4.5MWh in total)

Scandlines CEO Carsten Nørland emphasises that Scandlines definitely plans to keep on sailing for many, many years to come, also after the opening of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link.

EU: Improved rights and better information for travellers

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The European Commission adopted on 29 November 2023 a series of proposals designed to improve the experience of passengers and travellers by strengthening their rights.

The new rules will build on lessons learned, including the recent experiences of the COVID-19 crisis and the bankruptcy of the travel group Thomas Cook in 2019, which had a major impact both on travellers and on the travel market.

In particular, they will clarify rules on reimbursement when flights or multimodal journeys are booked via an intermediary, so that passengers are better protected against cancellations.

They will also provide for smoother journeys, especially those involving different travel services or transport modes, ensuring that passengers have access to direct support, and enhanced real-time information, for example on delays and cancellations.

Special attention is paid to the needs of passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility to address and facilitate the switch between transport modes and improve quality assistance where needed.

The proposals adopted focus on 3 aspects:

  1. Stronger passenger rights
  2. Protection of package travellers
  3. Better multimodal travel information services and the creation of a common European mobility data space

Fleet restructuring from Attica after the merger with Anek Lines

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Following the recent successful approval of the merger plan, which involves the absorption of ANEK by Attica, the Group is now embarking on a new “green era” marked by both new investments and organic growth. In the initial phase, the giant ferry operator is undertaking fleet restructuring within the Hellenic Coastal Shipping.

Specifically, the Group plans to operate four large vessels on the Piraeus–Crete service, all adorned with the distinctive Anek Lines’ livery. The vessels assigned to the Piraeus-Chania line will be ELYROS (1998) and EL. VENIZELOS (1992), while those on the Piraeus–Heraklion line will include LEFKA ORI -formerly BLUE HORIZON- (1987) and KISSAMOS -formerly BLUE GALAXY (1992), both of which have already been painted white. There are considerations for replacing EL. VENIZELOS with another vessel boasting a larger car capacity, aligning with the Group’s focus on enhancing the truck service on the Cretan lines.

Conversely, in the Adriatic service, it has been decided that two additional ships will be operated by Superfast and will also feature a red livery.

The first vessel, the Japanese-built ARIADNE (1996), is expected to possibly join the Adriatic service on December 15.

The second ship that may undergo a livery change is ASTERION II (1991), currently operating on the Patras-Venice service and already under Superfast operation.

Photo: Kostas Papadopoulos