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Finnish Flag For New VIKING GLORY

Viking Line’s new flagship, VIKING GLORY, which will launch service in early 2022 on the Turku–Åland–Stockholm route, will have a Finnish flag.

Recruitment work for the new vessel will begin soon, and recruitment will begin first among staff employed on the company’s other vessels.

T&T Express –Under Tow– Sinks En Route To Spain

The high speed catamaran T&T Express (IMO: 9172076) which was sold and en route from the Caribbean to its new owners in Spain, has reportedly sunk.

The Incat 046 sank 800 miles off the Azores while being towed to the other side of the Atlantic.

She had been acquired from Trinidad & Tobago by Transmapi, for the ferry services between Ibiza and Formentera.

CV Interilhas Acquires A Small Ferry From The MailBoat Company

CV Interilhas operates ferries between the Cape Verde islands. They have acquired FIESTA MAIL, a small ferry that was operating as “the Mail Boat” in the Bahamas.

The vessel has crossed the Atlantic and is in Lisbon for a complete overhaul at the Navalrocha shipyards. She is expected in Cape Verde later this month.


More Freight Capacity Between Finland And Sweden With VIKING GLORY

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Cargo capacity on Finnish sea routes will increase when VIKING GLORY enters service in 2021. The vessel will replace AMORELLA and provide about 500 lane metres of additional capacity on the Turku–Stockholm route.

Key figures:

  • 133,000 cargo units on the northern Baltic Sea annually
  • Cargo market share 4% in 2019

The transportation of lorry drivers has been taken into consideration to a greater extent than previously in planning GLORY’s interior. In the quiet part of VIKING GLORY, lorry drivers have their own section, which includes some 70 cabins as well as sauna facilities and a lounge,” says Viking Line’s freight director, Harri Tamminen.


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“Viking Glory Will Be One Of The Most Climate-Smart Passenger Ships In The World”

This is the title of a new website from Viking Line, about their new ferry –VIKING GLORY– under construction in China.

Kudos to Viking Line for the way they present the vessel on their website, and for their investment in advanced green technology.

Some highlights:

  • 10% less fuel consumption
  • First ship in the world to be equipped with six Wärtsilä 31DF dual fuel engines, LNG as main fuel.
  • These engines have the lowest fuel consumption, but at the same time, the highest cylinder output in their segment (550 kW/cylinder).
  • Biogas is possible
  • World first: recover the waste cold from the use of LNG and recycle it for use in cold counters, cold rooms and other special rooms.
  • A Climeon energy recycling system that harnesses and converts waste heat from the engines into electricity. (can generate up to 40% of the electricity required for the passenger functions).
  • Dynamic air conditioning and lighting system will be installed onboard, which will have a direct effect on energy consumption. This system will be controlled by the booking system: if a cabin remains empty at departure, it will be set in a power-saving mode, thereby minimising air-conditioning and heating for that particular cabin.
  • The Azipod propeller system by ABB will save time and fuel in terms of ship manoeuvring. Viking Glory will be the first passenger ship of this kind in the world to utilise this propeller system.