Nel Lines’ legendary THEOFILOS eventually sold for scrap

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On April 12, 2022, Nel Lines’ flagship THEOFILOS (ex NILS HOLGERSSON, ABEL TASMAN, POLLUX) left her anchorage to be scrapped in Aliaga (Turkey).

She was laid up at the port of Piraeus since Nel Lines’ collapse (2013).

Three attempts were made to sell her. At the second attempt in October 2019, she was sold to Anen Lines, which saved her from the scrapyard at the last minute.

The ship had a very interesting career:
1975 Built in Germany for TT-Line as the NILS HOLGERSSON, Travemünde-Trelleborg.
1985 ABEL TASMAN, Transport Tasmania (TT-Line) Melbourne-Devonport.
1994 POLLUX, Ventouris Ferries
1995 THEOFILOS, Nel Lines, Piraeus-Chios-Lesvos-Thessaloniki

Photo: voyagair.shipspotting (Christos Chatzaras)

Nel Line’s Theofilos Escaped From The Scrapyard

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The ex-TT Line veteran THEOFILOS of the collapsed Nel Lines seems to have escaped from the scrapyard.

The Central Harbor Master of Elefsis decided to suspend the open tender for her removal. According to the official document of the decision, the old ship has been awarded – for €380,000 – to Anen Lines.

However, the ship is in a very poor condition, laid up since 2013 and the cost of her possible repair is quite serious!