Tallink’s SAILOR to undergo planned dry-docking in Naantali REGAL STAR temporarily re-routed to Paldiski-Kapellskär route

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Tallink Grupp’s SAILOR has arrived in the BLRT Turku Repair Yard in Naantali, Finland, for its regular dry-docking, scheduled from 30 June until 11 July 2022.

During Sailor’s planned technical maintenance, company’s other ropax REGAL STAR will be temporarily re-routed to operate on the company’s Paldiski – Kapellskär route from 2 July until 12 July.

Tallink Q3: first quarterly profit since the start of the COVID pandemic

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“It is the first ray of light we have seen after a period where we have made a net loss of more than EUR 151 million in roughly a year and a half,” says Tallink Grupp’s CEO Paavo Nõgene. “We have unfortunately just reached the low season and the high COVID rates in Estonia and Latvia, in addition to the challenging employment market and high fuel prices, are all indicating it will be yet another tough winter ahead.”

Q3 Results

  • Unaudited net profit EUR 5.5 million (net loss of EUR 23.9 million in Q3 2020)
  • EBITDA EUR 35.1 million (EUR 5.7 million in Q3 2020)
  • +18.6% Unaudited revenue EUR 170.5 million (EUR 143.7 million in Q3 2020).
  • The biggest contributors to the revenue increase: onboard restaurant and shop sales, ticket revenue and charter revenue

During the third quarter of 2021, the company strengthened its liquidity position by taking out the loan from the Nordic Investment Bank and carrying out an additional shares emission of the company’s stock in early September. This has enabled the company to secure new capital, creating a strong liquidity buffer for the challenging low season ahead. The total liquidity buffer as at 30 September 2021 amounted to EUR 252.5 million (EUR 115.0 million at 30 September 2020).


  • In the first 9 months, the Group’s unaudited revenue decreased by 14.7% and amounted to EUR 310.3 million.

Unaudited EBITDA for the first 9 months was EUR 33.2 million (EUR 6.9 million

Tallink Grupp Shares

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The public offering of Tallink Grupp shares commenced on August 18.

Both the company’s approximately 30,000 existing shareholders as well as new investors are able to subscribe to the company’s shares until 1 September 2021 (included).

The public offering of the new shares is carried out simultaneously in Estonia and Finland on the basis of the prospectus approved by the Estonian Financial Supervision and Resolution Authority. The approved prospectus has been published on Tallink Grupp’s website.

Destination Gotland Gets New CEO

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Marcus Risberg (left picture), Managing Director for Swedish subsidiary Tallink Silja AB leaves Tallink Grupp to take up a new position as CEO of Destination Gotland.

Mr Risberg will replace Christer Bruzelius, who retires after 9 successful years.

Tallink Grupp announced that Mr Ats Joorits (right picture) will take up the position from 15 March 2021.


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Modern Batteries Meet Veteran Ferry

Batteries have been installed on WASA EXPRESS (1981, ex TRAVEMÜNDE, SALLY STAR…). In a black out they can supply energy to the most important pumps on board. This means that WASA EXPRESS now can sail with only one generator, instead of two.

Wasa Express is probably the first passenger ferry in the world where such a back-up solution for critical pumps has been installed. The solution designed by the innovation company eMarine Engineering Nordic Ab means that Wasa Express saves 25 tonnes of fuel (approx. 80 tonnes of CO2) per month.


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Tallink CEO: Tallink Alone Can Not Subsidize Estonian Export

Entrepreneurs are blaming Tallink for a sudden hike in export prices and have said they deal a blow to industries across Estonia. Tallink Group CEO Paavo Nõgene said the price increase is temporary and due to travel restrictions as the shipping line has to stay afloat.