BC Ferries full year results: everything up, but still not to pre-pandemic

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BC Ferries: traffic, revenue, net earnings and expenditures are all up, however the financial results for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2022 (fiscal 2022) are still lagging behind pre-pandemic levels.

Key figures (full year, ending March 31, 2022)

+37% passengers (17.9 million) (but still 20% lower than pre-COVID fiscal 2019)

+26% vehicles (8.5 million) (but still 5% lower than pre-COVID fiscal 2019)

+12% Revenue $965.4 million

+11% Operating $868.0 million (increases in the number of sailings, staff required to provide more service, fuel and maintenance expenses.

BC Ferries experienced a net loss of $68.2 million prior to recognizing Safe Restart Funding. After recognizing $102.3 million of this federal-provincial funding, net earnings were $34.1 million, an increase of $13.1 million compared to the previous year, which included $186.0 million in Safe Restart Funding.

In December 2020, BC Ferries received $308 million through the Safe Restart Program, a federal-provincial initiative intended to help provinces and territories safely restart their economies.  Assistance to the public transportation sector, including BC Ferries, has been a critical part of the BC Safe Restart Plan. Without this funding, BC Ferries would have recorded a total loss of $233.2 million over the past two years ($68.2 million in fiscal 2022 and $165.0 million in fiscal 2021).

The operating relief component of the Safe Restart Funding BC Ferries received has now been exhausted. The company does not foresee the need for any further COVID relief funding.

Echandia to supply battery system for a second emission-free high-speed catamaran

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Swedish Echandia has received a second order from Green City Ferries AB, Stockholm.

Green City Ferries is expanding its waterborne public transport with another ambitious zero-emission Beluga24 vessel.

  • The Beluga24 is the world’s first fully emission-free, high-speed, carbon fiber catamaran, and Echandia has been chosen to provide energy solutions for the vessels.
  • The order is worth approximately SEK 7.5 million.
  • Late last year, Echandia announced its first order for a fuel cell energy solution to power the first Beluga24 vessel from Green City Ferries.

Algérie Ferries to reopen the route to Italy?

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On June 18th, Algérie Ferries announced on their Twitter account the reopening of the route Algers – Naples. When, that’s the question.

The state-owned company is currently without CEO, after Mr Kamel Issad was arrested.

Mr Issad was CEO since October 2021. According to local media the reason of the detention was “an almost empty sailing of ropax BAJDI MOKHTAR 3 between Marseille and Algers.”

The company is also looking for a supplier of duty-free products. The tender document can be downloaded here.

First electric flying ferry will make Stockholm’s waterborne public transport faster than cars and subway

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The world’s fastest electric ship, the Candela P-12 Shuttle, is set to hit Stockholm’s waters next year, heralding a new era of transport. The innovative hydrofoiling electric ferry will reduce emissions and slash commuting times – and the city believes it will make waterborne public transport more attractive than trains, buses, and cars.

The secret to its 30 knots speed and its long 50 nautical miles range are the three carbon fiber wings that extend from under the hull. These active hydrofoils allow the ship to lift itself above the water, thus decreasing drag.

BioFerries has applied for use of Port of Boulogne

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In a letter, BioFerries.com / Victus Star Ltd has applied for the use of port facilities in the port of Boulogne, commencing from 1 August 2022 with offices.

The letter was published in the BioFerries Boulogne-Dover Facebook Group.

On the 1st of May 2024, the Dover fast ferry service should commence.

The company says it is an all year service expected to be a permanent link between Boulogne-sur-Mer and Dover.

1 May 2024 to 1 May 2025: 1 Incat, 5 return crossings, 333,000 cars and 1,000,000 passengers.

From 1 May 2025: two Incats, 10 return crossings, 666,000 cars and 2,000,000 passengers.

It will be free to travel on certain ferry connections in Norway from 1 July

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The Norwegian Public Roads Administration is responsible for 16 connections. From 1 July, the two sections will be free. (in Norwegian)

Route: Bodø – Værøy – Røst – Moskenes

On the ferry between Bodø and Lofoten, it will be free to travel to and from Værøy and Røst. Travelers will be registered in the usual way, but will not be charged for the trip.

It will not be free to travel for free on the full stretch Bodø-Værøy-Røst -Moskenes.

On the connection Hjelmeland – Nesvik – Skipavik on national road 13 in Rogaland, travel to and from Skipavik will be free.