“Welcome Tallink Silja!” Says Port Of Ystad

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In July, SILJA SYMPHONY will call Port of Ystad on a domestic cruise, combining Stockholm with Visby on the island of Gotland – and the scenic city of Ystad with surroundings. This is possible thanks to the investment in two new berths in the outer port, opened this year. The vessel will call berth no. 7 and passengers will participate in excursions or visit on their own.

Perfect Debut for FRS’ High-Speed Craft SKÅNE JET

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FRS Baltic’s high-speed ferry SKÅNE JET made her commercial inaugural voyage on Thursday 17 September.

She sailed from the port of Sassnitz-Mukran to Ystad.

Initially the season will last until November 1. A restart is planned for April

Fjord Line’s former FJORD CAT was built by InCat in 1998. She offers the shortest (111km) and fastest (2h30m) crossing between Germany and Sweden.


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Danish Staycation Benefits Swedish Port of Ystad

July has been a very good month for the ferry traffic between the Swedish port of Ystad and the Danish Island of Bornholm.

Cars went up +22.6% (88,720) and passengers +6.4% (317,388). The number of ship calls (241) was a 10% increase compared to July last year.

In most countries the pandemic made people decide to spend a holiday in their own country, or in worst case they were not allowed to cross the border.

For Danish people it was ok to pass the Öresundsbridge and the Swedish motorway corridor to embark in Ystad, bound for Bornholm.

Subsequently freight units increased too, with +18.8% (678)

The traffic between Ystad and Poland saw 26,907 cars and 78,369 passengers, still remarkable results in spite of the pandemic.


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Port of Ystad Works Are on Track

The expansion of the port with two new ferry berths is going very well. The construction of the breakwater is now approx.  1500m long, all the sheet piles for the ferry berths are installed and very soon the whole new pier will be filled.

One third of the dredging is completed and the material from the dredging is being reused between the new and the old breakwater. The area will be an important part of the port´s future development.


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New Passenger Record For Port Of Ystad – Again!

This summer, Port of Ystad has had very positive results, with record levels in passenger numbers. The traffic to Bornholm has – again – broken new records.

The development of passenger traffic to Bornholm as well as to Poland has been tremendous this year. Both routes show a growing market that includes busses and personal cars. There is no doubt that the Swedish port will once again strike a new record at the end of the year, says Björn Boström, CEO.

The development in figures: January-August 2019
+7.3% Passengers (1,697,651)
+75% Busses (3,751)
+11.1% Personal cars (456,574)

All Time High In Port Of Ystad

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FSN had contact with Björn Boström, CEO Port of Ystad, who was very happy with this year’s results so far.

For the first seven months this year, the passenger ferry traffic to Poland and Bornholm had an all time high.

With a total number of almost 1.4 million ferry passengers, it was an increase of 8,5%. Also, the freight traffic showed a small increase, although the freight capacity was a little less than last year on the Polish services.

The big investment, to enlarge the port with a new ro-pax terminal is ongoing and ahead of Schedule. The objective is to be finished by the end of 2020.


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First Sod Turned For Port Of Ystad’s New Berths

May 2, the Polish vice Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways together with local political representatives turned the first sod in Port of Ystad’s anticipated building project. The ceremony marked the official start of the building of the Port’s new ferry berths, an extensive infrastructural project co-financed by the EU.

On Thursday afternoon, May 2, the Polish vice Minister of Maritime Economy and Inland Waterways Grzegorz Witkowski together with Ystad’s chair of the Municipal executive board, Kristina Bendz, turned the first sod in Port of Ystad’s new building project,

The name of the EU project is ”Cargo Capacity Upgrade and LNG Bunkering Swinoujscie – Ystad maritime link”. In addition to the building of two new ferry berths, the project encompasses an LNG powered vessel for the Polish shipping company Polferries, and an LNG bunkering ship for the port of Świnoujście.

Caption: Kristina Bendz, chair of the Municipal executive board of Ystad, and Poland’s vice Minister Grzegorz Witkowski broke ground for the building of Port of Ystad’s new ferry berths.


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Polferries and Port Of Ystad: Getting Ready for Growth

Polferries (Polska Żegluga Bałtycka) announced in June 2017 that a keel laying ceremony was held for the new ro-pax ferry. Since then it has been very quiet about the newbuilding project. Ferry Shipping News had a simultaneous interview with Piotr Redmerski (PR), CEO Polferries, and Björn Boström (BB), CEO Port of Ystad.


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Port Of Ystad: Another Year With Increased Volumes – And New Records

Ystad Hamn can once again look back on a record period. Since 2015 the Swedish port set new records every year and this trend continued in 2018.

Ystad is the one of the largest ports in Sweden, with daily ferry traffic to Poland and Bornholm.

“Cargo, trucks, passengers and passenger cars continue to increase,” explains Ystad Hamn President and CEO Björn Boström. Railway wagons continue to decline, which has been the case since a long time.

The number of buses are increasing, which is primarily due to the fact that the Bornholm Line, since they took over the Ystad-Rönne traffic, have their own bus line from Copenhagen. The bus continues the journey by ferry.

The number of buses in the Poland traffic has increased as well. Both Polferries and the Bornholm Line have increased their traffic with more trips compared to the previous year.

Statistics for 2018

+1.3% Pax 2.2 million

+1.8% Cars 580k

+7% Trucks & trailers 267k

+30% Buses 3.8k

-2.3% Rail wagons 7.9k