New records for Port of Ystad in 2022 – again!

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Port of Ystad has for many years been Sweden’s third largest ferry passenger port and really consolidated its position in 2022.

  • New records for both calls (+1.9%), passenger cars (+6.3%) and passengers (+8.6%) were noted.
  • It is the third year in a row the port’s passenger ferries to Poland and Bornholm are progressing, despite tough times and a protracted pandemic.

“It is of course very gratifying that the port’s investments together with the shipping companies Unity Line, Polferries and Bornholmslinjen are yielding results”, says Björn Boström, CEO of Port of Ystad.

The port opened two new ferry berths in 2021, allowing larger vessels, up to 240 meters length to call the port. The new ferry berths are complementary to the existing ones and the port now has seven ferry berths for passengers, passenger cars, buses and trucks,  one of which is combined also for railway cars.

The new ferry berths also give the opportunity for cruise ships to call. The port is now working for an expansion of the cruise business.

Port of Ystad looks forward with confidence to 2023, among other things, with the arrival of the world’s largest passenger catamaran, the Bornholmslinjens HSC EXPRESS 5, for traffic between Ystad and Bornholm.

Port of Ystad: Continuous good development 2022

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Port of Ystad continues to strengthen its position as one of the biggest ferry passenger ports in Sweden. This summer is no exception.

The development this year is still prosperous even if the cargo seems to slow down a bit due to the rising inflation and, not least, the war in Ukraine.

On the other hand, the passenger volumes keep on rising with a development this year, until and including September, of +12,3%. For personal cars the development is +9,3% and the number of ship calls is up +2,5%.

Port of Ystad inaugurated new ferry berths

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Swedish port of Ystad has been expanded with two new ferry berths for ships of up to 250 meters. The new facilities have been inaugurated with great festivity on August 29

Port of Ystad is one of the largest ferry ports in Sweden, with excellent connections to the Danish island of Bornholm, Poland and Germany, and further to the growing markets in entire Central and Eastern Europe.

Ystad is already the second largest Swedish port to handle passenger vehicles, the third largest ferry passenger port, and the fifth largest port counting trucks and trailers.

The inauguration was conducted by the Mayor of Ystad, Mrs Paula Nilsson, and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of Region Skåne, Mr Carl-Johan Sonesson.

Successful year for Port of Ystad

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The Swedish port has seen a return of traffic after the pandemic.

January-December 2021

+17.5% Cargo (t) 3,376,365

+16.4% Trucks/trailers 263,918

+24.1% Buses 4,083

+15.4% Cars 734,256

+17.6% Passengers 2,373,960

+11.4% Calls 3.998

Swedish Minister for Infrastructure, Tomas Eneroth, will inaugurate the new berths on 16th of May.

“Welcome Tallink Silja!” Says Port Of Ystad

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In July, SILJA SYMPHONY will call Port of Ystad on a domestic cruise, combining Stockholm with Visby on the island of Gotland – and the scenic city of Ystad with surroundings. This is possible thanks to the investment in two new berths in the outer port, opened this year. The vessel will call berth no. 7 and passengers will participate in excursions or visit on their own.

Perfect Debut for FRS’ High-Speed Craft SKÅNE JET

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FRS Baltic’s high-speed ferry SKÅNE JET made her commercial inaugural voyage on Thursday 17 September.

She sailed from the port of Sassnitz-Mukran to Ystad.

Initially the season will last until November 1. A restart is planned for April

Fjord Line’s former FJORD CAT was built by InCat in 1998. She offers the shortest (111km) and fastest (2h30m) crossing between Germany and Sweden.


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Danish Staycation Benefits Swedish Port of Ystad

July has been a very good month for the ferry traffic between the Swedish port of Ystad and the Danish Island of Bornholm.

Cars went up +22.6% (88,720) and passengers +6.4% (317,388). The number of ship calls (241) was a 10% increase compared to July last year.

In most countries the pandemic made people decide to spend a holiday in their own country, or in worst case they were not allowed to cross the border.

For Danish people it was ok to pass the Öresundsbridge and the Swedish motorway corridor to embark in Ystad, bound for Bornholm.

Subsequently freight units increased too, with +18.8% (678)

The traffic between Ystad and Poland saw 26,907 cars and 78,369 passengers, still remarkable results in spite of the pandemic.


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Port of Ystad Works Are on Track

The expansion of the port with two new ferry berths is going very well. The construction of the breakwater is now approx.  1500m long, all the sheet piles for the ferry berths are installed and very soon the whole new pier will be filled.

One third of the dredging is completed and the material from the dredging is being reused between the new and the old breakwater. The area will be an important part of the port´s future development.