August 13, 2020

Danish Staycation Benefits Swedish Port of Ystad

July has been a very good month for the ferry traffic between the Swedish port of Ystad and the Danish Island of Bornholm.

Cars went up +22.6% (88,720) and passengers +6.4% (317,388). The number of ship calls (241) was a 10% increase compared to July last year.

In most countries the pandemic made people decide to spend a holiday in their own country, or in worst case they were not allowed to cross the border.

For Danish people it was ok to pass the Öresundsbridge and the Swedish motorway corridor to embark in Ystad, bound for Bornholm.

Subsequently freight units increased too, with +18.8% (678)

The traffic between Ystad and Poland saw 26,907 cars and 78,369 passengers, still remarkable results in spite of the pandemic.