Port Of Kiel Can Nearly Maintain Its Cargo Transhipment Volumes

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A total of 6.92 million tons of cargo has been transhipped in the seaport of Kiel in 2020. This figure represents only a slight decrease of 1.2 %.

In contrast to a decrease of volumes in the Scheerhafen and at the Norwegenkai Terminal, there has been growth in the Ostuferhafen and at the Schwedenkai.

The ferry traffic to Sweden and Lithuania has proven to be particularly solid and has even seen a slight increase in transported cargo volumes. On the other side, Kiel registers a drop in the passenger traffic. Due to Corona, only about 517,500 passengers boarded or left a cruise ship or ferry at the different terminals, which is a decrease of 78 %.

Kiel expects a normalisation of the situation from late spring resp. summer onwards.

Port of Kiel: Ferry Traffic Contributing More and More to Overall Transshipment Rate

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The Port of Kiel achieved a sound result last year, with cruise and ferry traffic still in growth modus.

The focus of investments lies on the implementation of the BLUE PORT strategy: shore power and intermodal traffic. Port of Kiel will be climate-neutral by 2030. “About €15 million are being invested in the construction of shore power plants. They will be ready in 2020. All three ferry and cruise terminals will be equipped. Color Line was the first to have shore power.

The core business of the port is the general cargo handled in the ferry traffic sector and with nearly 6 million tons it accounts for 85 % of the overall transhipment activities by now.

The biggest volume handled was on the DFDS Kiel – Klaipeda (Lithuania) service.

The additional freight ferry from Color Line has a positive impact on the route Kiel – Oslo whereas fewer unaccompanied trailers were transported between Kiel and Gothenburg.


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Port Of Kiel First Cold Ironing Facility Officially Inaugurated At The Norwegenkai

On 9 May the shore power facility was declared open by the Minister-President of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther, the German Federal Government’s Coordinator for the Maritime Industry, Norbert Brackmann, and the Lord Mayor of Kiel Dr Ulf Kämpfer along with Dr Dirk Claus, the Managing Director of Seehafen Kiel GmbH & Co. KG) and Trond Kleivdal, Board Chairman of the Color Line.

With immediate effect, the Color Line’s big cruise-ferries can now be supplied with electric power from on shore.

Port Of Kiel: Ferry Routes With Different Volume Development In 2018

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The ferry traffic sector is the core business of the port and with 6 million tons, it makes up 80 % of the overall transhipment activities. While the liner services to Norway (+2.3 %) and to the Baltic States (+1.6 %) show growth, 10 % less tons of cargo were transported on the Kiel – Gothenburg route. One of the reasons is a long layover at the shipyard for STENA SCANDINAVICA.

The weekly liner service to and from Russia remained nearly at the same level due to continuing mutual restrictions on trade.

Again the biggest single volume was handled on the DFDS Kiel – Klaipeda service. Its frequency had even been augmented intermediately with an eighth and ninth departure in autumn.

Kiel was able to maintain its position last year with regard to the ferry traffic to the Baltic States, to West Sweden and Norway.


The Port of Kiel is currently investing more than 30 million in port expansion and environmental protection. Ostuferhafen will be redesigned by spring so that logistical processes can be optimized. Parking space for vehicles will be expanded.

The construction of the first onshore-power supply plant is in full swing in the city port. The plant, which will supply eco-friendly electricity to the vessels of Color Line, will be completed by Easter.

At the same time, a Europe-wide tender for onshore-power supply plants to be installed at Ostseekai and Schwedenkai, is being prepared.


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Successful Port Of Kiel Has More Projects

Dr. Thilo Rohlfs, state secretary of the ministry for economy, transport, labour, technology and tourism for the country of Schleswig-Holstein, made use of a visit to the port of Kiel to learn more about the current port investment projects.

Today, the port of Kiel handles over 7 million tons of cargo and over 2 million passengers per year.

As part of a tour of the harbour, Port of Kiel’s managing director Dr. Dirk Claus informed the state secretary of the current investment plans:

  • Expand the pre-storage area for trucks at Ostuferhafen
  • Creation of a third switching track at Schwedenkai terminal
  • Creation of a shore power supply facility at Norwegenkai terminal

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