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Kerkyra Seaways’s HERMES Set Sail for Greece

On 3 February 2020, Kerkyra Seaways’ HERMES sailed from Mizushima port (Japan) for Greece.

She was purchased by Kerkyra Seaways (Souliotis – Lainas) on October 2019 and she will be probably introduced on the Igoumenitsa – Corfu – Paxoi run after a small-scale conversion.

She was the ex- FERRY TSURUGI of Nankai Ferry and plied on the Wakayama-Tokushima run.

Kerkyra Lines’ Recent Acquisition is Ready to Sail to Greece

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Kerkyra Seaways’ new acquisition, FERRY TSURUGI is almost ready to set sail for Greece. [link MarineTraffic]

The Greek crew has already arrived in Japan for the delivery, while the ship is moored at the port of Mizushima waiting for her departure.

FERRY TSURUGI was built in Japan in 1997. She is 2,604gt, 108m long, 17.5 m wide and 4.4m draught. Her carrying capacity is for 470 passengers and 78 private cars (312 lane meters). She has two Niigata diesel engines (10.800 bhp) and her service speed is 19 knots.