DFDS Q4 and full-year 2022 interim report: significant growth delivered

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  • Q4 revenue increased 17% to DKK 6.5bn driven by the continued recovery in passenger numbers and spending, as well as price increases for freight services to cover rising energy and other costs.
  • Q4 EBITDA before special items increased 18% to DKK 1,084m.
  • The EBITDA for freight ferry and logistics activities increased 5% to DKK 987m driven by higher logistics earnings as the freight ferry result was at the same level as 2021.
  • The Q4 EBITDA for passenger activities in the Channel, Baltic Sea, and Passenger business units increased to DKK 97m from DKK -20m in 2021.
  • The Q4 passenger EBITDA was 66% above 2019, the latest pre-Covid-19 year.
  • For the full-year, EBITDA before special items increased DKK 1,544m or 45% to DKK 4,955m as the freight ferry and logistics result increased DKK 588m and the passenger result increased DKK 955m.

Outlook 2023

The outlook for EBITDA of DKK 4.5-5.0bn before special items includes continued growth but also assumes a European economic slowdown, negative impacts from the war in Ukraine, and overcapacity on the Channel. Revenue is therefore overall expected to remain at the same level as 2022.

Click here for a detailed outlook on page 10 in the full report

“2022 turned out to be the best year financially in DFDS history” Torben Carlsen, CEO

DFDS: Investments are expected to amount to around DKK 1.6bn, excluding acquisitions

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  • No purchases of new or second-hand ferries are expected
  • Dockings and ferry upgrades, including energy efficiency projects: DKK 800m
  • Port terminals and other equipment: DKK 400m
  • Cargo carrying equipment and warehouses, mainly related to Logistics Division: DKK 300m
  • Other investments, including digital: DKK 100m
  • An investment of DKK 1.2bn is expected for the acquisition of McBurney Transport Group

Without proper investments motorway closure will reoccur, says Stena Line

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The management of Stena Line Irish Sea urged the ministry of transport to invest in the roads to and from its port at Cairnryan in Dumfries and Galloway. The message came after severe flooding, which caused the closure of the A77 for almost 24 hours. This caused major disruption for freight and tourism traffic using the ports.
“Incidents like the weekend put a sharp focus on the limitations of the current road infrastructure in the region and we would urge local politicians to work with us to help the people and economy of South West Scotland get the road network they now desperately deserve,” said Paul Grant, Stena Line Irish Sea North.

A Transport Scotland spokesman promised to discuss the matter with Stena Line and added that plans are on their way to have a new bypass (at Maybole), on top of the several past investments.

Photo © Stena Line