Holland Norway Lines (1) – Early termination of charter agreement

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Announcement by Tallink Grupp: the charter agreement for the charter of company vessel Romantika signed between a subsidiary of AS Tallink Grupp, AS Tallink Latvija and Holland Norway Lines BV, has been terminated on 1 September 2023 before the charter agreement’s normal expiry date.

Holland Norway Lines (2) – Declared bankrupt

The court in Groningen declared Holland Norway Lines BV (HNL) bankrupt (4 September 2023). The bankruptcy was requested in consultation with trustee Hans Silvius and the management of HNL. Hans Silvius has been appointed as the curator.

The reason for proceeding with the bankruptcy application is that no potential candidate has come forward for the takeover of Holland Norway Lines since the company applied for a suspension of payments last week (35). The employees of HNL in both Norway and the

Netherlands have been informed by the management of HNL. Although at this point only Holland Norway Lines BV has filed for bankruptcy, it is expected that the subsidiaries in the group will file for bankruptcy within short, as there is no longer prospects for continued operations.

Holland Norway Lines confirms the changing departure port(s

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As written earlier, Holland Norway Lines is moving its sailings from the Dutch port of Eemshaven to a new location.

From the 1st June, Emden will be the new permanent port of departure. Emden is located just across the Netherlands/German border.

From April 20 (later than expected) to May 31st, Cuxhaven is HNL’s temporary departure port. Cuxhaven is located in Northern Germany.

The switch from Eemshaven to the other ports does not affect the sailing time (18 hours), but does make the car journey longer for passengers coming from the Netherlands.

Official start of Holland Norway Lines

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Holland Norway Lines officially kicked off the first departure of ROMANTIKA to Kristiansand and the opening of the new terminal in Eemshaven on Thursday April 7.

The kick-off was attended by, among others, King’s Commissioner René Paas, mayor of the Hogeland Henk Jan Bolding and Cas König of Groningen.

Holland Norway Lines is a local start-up with a Groningen signature. It invests in good and long-term partnerships with involved parties such as the municipality and province, administrators, Groningen Seaports, customs etc.

In addition, the organization strives to collaborate as much as possible with local parties, suppliers and staff from the region. For example, HNL works together with MF Shipping Group from Farmsum, Columbia Signature GmbH from Hamburg, M+ Kassa from Leeuwarden, Broekman Agency Eemshaven, Kollektiv Media & PR from Groningen and students from regional schools.

The cruise-ferry service has ambitious plans. For example, it wants to work towards two ships that will sail emission-free in 2026-2027.

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