A bold decision: only fossil-fuel-powered vehicles allowed on Havila Voyages ships

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Havila Kystruten has decided only to allow motor vehicles that use fossil fuel. This means electric, hybrid and hydrogen cars cannot be transported on board the hybrid vessels.

This is the first European (semi) ferry company to implement this restriction (in a country with plenty of electric vehicles). [press release in Norwegian]

The 12-day Norwegian Coastal Route is divided between Hurtigruten (8 ships) and Havila (2 ships with 2 more under construction).

This route is both a cruise route (people staying onboard for several days or for the whole Bergen-Kirkeness-Bergen voyage) and a public transportation route.

Havila has also decided that boarding and disembarking of private vehicles will only be carried out in Bergen and Kirkenes, except for service vehicles for personnel who do necessary work on board the company’s ships, and emergency vehicles. This also assumes that these are pure fossil cars.

It is not a requirement in the agreement with the Ministry of Transport that ships on the coastal route must transport private cars.

The decision to ban non-fossil-fuel cars is based upon the risk assessment produced by Norwegian consultant firm Proactima.

Refinancing of Havila Kystruten`s ships

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  • Havila Kystruten has signed term sheets with lenders for refinancing of the fleet and has set dates for start of operations in route for HAVILA POLARIS and HAVILA POLLUX.
  • The financing totals to EUR 370 million and covers payment to Tersan on delivery of HAVILA POLARIS and HAVILA POLLUX as well as redemption of existing debt related to all ships.
  • The scheduled start-up on route for HAVILA POLARIS is set at the latest 29th of December 2022 and HAVILA POLLUX at the latest on 22nd of March 2023.

Havila Kystruten not allowed to insure HAVILA CAPELLA

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The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected the application for a exemption in order to insure HAVILA CAPELLA.

Earlier this Ministry had granted Havila Kystruten a exemption from the (Russian) sanctions regulations to operate HAVILA CAPELLA for 6 months.

The exemption did not entail any right to insure the ship and on Monday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the shipping company’s application to take out insurance on the grounds that being able to take out insurance in itself would mean that a property is made available to the registered owner.

Havila Kystruten Requests Postponing

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Havila has asked the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and Communications for permission to delay the start of the coastal route, normally planned for 1 January 2021.

After Havila Kystruten won one of the transport contracts (and Hurtigruten the two others), the company ordered four new ships: two in Turkey, two in Spain. The Spanish yard went bankrupt. On top, the pandemic delayed the construction at Tersan.

As a stop gap solution Havila was going to charter other ships. But why charter ships when the route between Bergen and Kirkenes is basically closed because of corona. That is what Havila wants to know from Norway.

“As long as the corona is ravaging and there are strict travel restrictions, the market situation means that there is no need for full traffic on the coastal route. We have therefore asked the Ministry of Transport and Communications for clarification of what is expected, and also whether they believe that a replacement vessel is needed,” the CEO of Havila Kystruten, Arild Myrvoll, says in a press release.

Havila Kystruten Has Officially Selected The Shipyards

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It is not a surprise but now it is official:

  • Tersan and Barreras will build Havila Kystruten’s four vessels.
  • Havyard Design & Solutions will deliver the ship design and an extensive equipment package. For them it is a record contract.
  • Steel cutting to begin end of year.
  • Important order for Norwegian maritime cluster.
  • Delivery Q3 and Q4, 2020.

Photo: Design manager Arve Leine of Havyard Design & Solutions AS, Sales Director Gisle Vinjevoll Thrane of Havyard Design & Solutions AS, chair of the board and owner Per Sævik in Havila Kystruten AS, CEO Arild Myrvoll of Havila Kystruten AS and CEO Geir Johan Bakke of Havyard Group ASA.

Barreras To Build Two Ships For Havila Kystruten

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The Barreras shipyard in Vigo has entered into a preliminary agreement to build two of the new vessels for Havila, the company that is going to operate a part of the Norwegian coastal express service, now run by Hurtigruten.
Two other ships will be built by the group’s own shipyard Havyard in Norway.
The ships have to be ready in 2021.
Barreras states in a newsletter that the contract price for the LNG-powered ships is around €200 million per ship.